Lighting Weed – Lighters, Hemp Wicks, Matches

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There are a variety of ways to light your weed, with the most popular being a conventional butane lighter.

Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washingto hemp wick

Hemp Wicks

Hemp wicks are a healthier, safer way to light weed. The hemp wick is coated in beeswax and once lit, it stays burning and allows you to continue using it while you’re smoking. Most people use hemp wicks to avoid inhaling butane, which is a concern with conventional lighters. When using a hemp wick you shouldn’t get much flavor from it and instead, you’ll taste only the high quality bud that you’re smoking. This organic flame is undoubtedly the safest and best way to smoke weed.

Hemp wicks haven’t really been around that long and they only recently gained popularity. To use a hemp wick correctly, follow this guide:

  1. First, light up one end of the wick.
  2. Tilt the wick up or down to control how quickly it burns.
  3. Don’t set the wick down and remember to put it out when you’re done using it. The wick is covered in beeswax, which may drip, so be careful not to let it drip onto you or anything of importance.

Car Lighters

Don’t try to use a car lighter for your bong or pipe. Car lighters can help you spark joints, blunts or hemp wicks, but they aren’t intended for anything else.

Childproofing on Lighters

Child safety devices can be really annoying when you’re trying to light up and it’s preventing you from getting a spark. Generally the child proofing can be removed with a little bit of tweaking and this is a skill worth knowing. It’s usually just a small piece of plastic that you remove from the back of the lighter and it only takes a second to do.


A match isn’t very efficient for pipes and because matches contain sulfur, it can ruin the taste of your bud and make for an unpleasant experience. If you don’t have a lighter on hand and it’s your only option, allow the match to burn for a few seconds before sparking your bowl. The sulfur is contained in the head of the match and doing this allows it to burn away. When you’re lighting a bowl with a match, do your best to keep it burning so that you don’t have to relight.


A zippo makes for a good, high quality lighter but it’s not the best for lighting pipes or bongs. The fuel used in a zippo can taste bad and it’s best to stick with a butane lighter.

Snuff the Bowl

Lighters aren’t just useful for lighting weed, they can also help you snuff it out. If you’ve cherried your bowl and the weed is burning, you can use the end of the lighter (or a Toker Poker!) to put out the cherry. This will prevent your weed from burning unnecessarily. If you’re not ready to take another hit, snuffing the bowl with your lighter is a good way to preserve it.

Hold the Lighter to the Bowl

If this is your first time smoking, a common rookie mistake is to think the weed will stay lit after you pull the lighter away. You’ll need to keep the lighter held over the bowl as you inhale and once the weed is burning consistently, you can take the lighter away.

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