Product Review – Bigfoot Farms – Cat Dick Kush


By Steve

  • Reviewer: Steve
  • Strain: Cat Dick Kush
  • Grower: Bigfoot Farms
  • Date: 5/15/17
  • Type of Product: Flower


Bigfoot Farms’ Cat Dick Kush comes in an orange and black Mylar package. You can see Bigfoot’s face in the design, and through the window you can see potent flower. The flower itself is a medium green with shades of purple coming through. There are lots of rust/orange hairs throughout the buds, and everything from the inside to the outside is covered in cloudy to clear trichomes. No seeds are present.

Before cracking the bud open, there’s a berry/citrus/pepper/pine aroma which smells great. When you crack open the bud, the smell becomes much more intense and dank, with an ammonia/petrol smell becoming present.

The buds themselves are pretty dense – more dense than you might think when you first look at the buds. Any one of the smaller buds in my package were dense enough to fill a joint after grinding it up.


I tested the product twice, first smoking 2 bowls using an XLB Hammerhead Bubbler (purchased at The Culture Shop), and the second time rolling a joint using Raw 1¼ classic papers.

The first time I smoked this was immediately after a shower in the evening. I ground up the weed and loaded two small bowls in the bubbler. I smoked about .7 grams total. The flower was cured well, I felt like I got a good amount of flower for the weight. The smoke was stable and smooth. I tasted grape, melon, pine, citrus and spice, and it had an ammonia/petroleum aftertaste.

After smoking, I enjoyed a fairly focused high. This didn’t make me want to go to bed like I was expecting. Although this is an Indica-leaning hybrid, it doesn’t give you a super stoney feeling. It gets you very high and relaxed, but it doesn’t just knock you out. I ended up having a really great stretch session. My body was able to relax, but my mind could still concentrate on the task.

The second time I smoked I rolled a joint that was about .7 grams. I smoked earlier in the day, and got a much more intense high. Again, I didn’t feel super stoney, but I felt very high. I was cooking things for Mother’s Day and I could feel the high traveling up my body, lifting me up, and raising from the back to the top of my head. There was a radiating warmth that rushed over me and closed in on me. I must’ve looked pretty high, because my fiancé asked me ‘what did you just smoke?’


I really enjoyed the high. It has the relaxing body high that I love from Indicas, but it kept my mind active and wasn’t (at least for me) super stoney. After first trying it, I would’ve said this would be better as a daytime strain, but honestly after the second session I would say to save it for the night. I think it’s just a little too-intense of a high for the day. Some people may be able to handle it, but for me I don’t think I could be very productive unless it was something I wanted to do. I think it’d be great for the evening after your responsibilities are done but before engaging in a hobby, watching a movie, playing a game or hanging out with friends.

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