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The founders of DNA Gardens, Dan Bechen and Adrian Galavis, started growing weed as part of Washington State’s medical marijuana program. The name DNA Gardens stands for Dan N Adrian, which has got to be the most clever abbreviation in i502 history. For Dan and Adrian, there is more meaning behind it than just a clever abbreviation, the name has meanings with roots to the medicinal and spiritual nature of the actual cannabis plant. The message, “respect the cure” gives respect to everything that cannabis truly represents. Growing quality Cannabis is not only a science but an art form!

The Process

DNA Gardens has created their own homemade super-soil mix for which they have used the same mixing ratios over the last eight years. One of the main reasons why DNA Gardens products are highly regarded is because their plants receive variations of lighting throughout their cycles. These unique light spectrums help each strains specific Phenotypes to grow to their full potential, allowing a distinct look and smell for each strain.

The DNA Gardens team believes that “respect the cure” is a major reason as to why their product performs better than others. After harvesting the fresh cannabis product, Dan and Adrian make sure to dry the flower in a specific way that makes all the difference. They give respect to the entire cure process helping them to establish a true difference between their “fire weed’“ and “mids” or “mid-grade” cannabis.

Simply put, Dan and Adrian want to thrive because people enjoy and believe in their product. There’s no crazy marketing budgets or excessive packaging with DNA, just quality people who are building their business the same way they’ve been doing for almost ten years now.


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We are quite easy to find. Located on the corner of Othello S and Rainier Ave. S in South Seattle. Just minutes from the Othello Light Rail Station and Seward Park.

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