Science and technology is at the heart of everything done at Emerald City Cultivation, and we reap the benefits. They apply proven scientific principles and cutting edge technology to improve plant yield and to reach the highest possible quality. Their methodology allows them to not only achieve consistent results but to maximize each strains genetic makeup to its greatest potential. Adding to their dedication is the computer controlled aeroponics systems that drive the results and enables them to really push the limits of what’s possible.


With leaders that started in successful technology careers, you’re sure to find innovation at the forefront of this company’s process and vision. Their computer driven system and specially designed hydro-atomizing spray jets eliminate the need for soil and significantly reduces water, energy, and nutrients required. This process virtually eliminates the risk of disease and pests while still delivering outstanding plant yield.

You can count on ECC for reliable, trustworthy, and sustainable cannabis—perfect for every occasion. They believe that each strain of cannabis should be savored and enjoyed on a personal level and appreciated for its unique attributes and characteristics. While most common strains are produced by many different growers, it’s their techniques that allow Emerald City Cultivation to get superior results. They remain mindful of all aspects from plant anatomy down to the genetic compounds. They test for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC,) total cannabinoids, and terpenes to accomplish their target outcomes and to meet your lofty standards.


Timeless perfection is put into each batch of oil that they produce. ECC offers products with high terpene levels in addition to high cannabinoid content for a flavorful and potent creation. Their uncompromising extraction method focuses on color, flavor, and aroma. After years of trial and error while studying other master extractors, Corbin Credelle (ECC Director of Extraction) has worked closely with equipment manufacturers to develop his own special magic potions.

Those at Emerald CIty Cultivation bring passion and dedication to all parts of the operations—producing premium cannabis with remarkable characteristics and complexity. They show appreciation for our environment through sustainable and efficient use of resources at every step in the production process. ECC products give you the latest scientific advancements in cannabis production while staying true to their philosophy of high personal touch.

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