GaGa Edibles

All GaGa Edibles are created using only the highest quality ingredients combined with skillful practitioners to create magic. They take immense pride in everything they create and are often described as the “perfect balance of mouthwatering flavor and top-quality cannabis.”

No matter who you are or your edible preference, GaGa will have something just right for you. Starting with everyone’s favorite, their peanut butter cups will leave you wondering how you ever went without! Made with a smooth blend of Swiss chocolate and delectable peanut butter, you’re sure to enjoy every single bite. Follow that up with any of their rich and creamy nondairy creamers for a perfect addition to your morning coffee routine.

If you’re looking for something new exciting, look no further than their hard candies. These hard candies (made by hand the old-fashioned way) are out of this world! Looking more like a block of flavored ice than candy, these delicious goodies sure to amaze. If you’re more inclined to the soft and sultry flavor of taffy and fresh fruit, the “Juicy” may be more your style. With a clean design and incredible taste and texture, they will melt in your mouth while the rest of you melts the day away.

Look for these and more delectable edibles from our newest vendor, GaGa Edibles and Extracts. TALLY HO!

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“An edible without equal, the hard candies from GaGa Edibles are simply divine. I was captivated at first look, due to the startling clarity of the candy. Probably the cleanest-looking edible I’ve ever seen! The watermelon flavor was simple and refreshing, and set my mouth watering at first taste. There wasn’t a hint of cannabis in the candy, either, which speaks to the quality of their kitchen. GaGa has brought their talent for clean and beautiful concentrates to the edible market, and with incredible success. With candy this good, it’s hard not to accidentally eat the whole box in one sitting!“

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Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washington gaga cups


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