Whether you’re in the mood for a classic flower experience, a tasty craft rolled joint, or top of the line tasty extracts, Western Cultured has everything you need for your next cannabis experience. With their deep history in the industry, they know what it takes to make cannabis worth coming back for again and again. Western Cultured uses top-of-the-line equipment, meticulously selected soil and nutrients, carefully crafted processes, and most importantly they have connections with the most passionate people in the industry.


Nothing will make you happier than cracking open a bag of Western Cultured flower that’s been waiting all its life just for you. They start with the absolute strongest genetics. Grown naturally with only the best practices, it’s meticulously cared for by their expert cannabis farmers before being cured to perfection. Open a fresh bag of any of their wonderful strains and see why everyone is talking about lighting up the moment with Western Cultured.


If you’re in the mood for one of the smoothest hitting joints around, look no further. They use perfectly cured 100% flower in every preroll. It’s ground to perfection with just the right amount of kief. The slow, even burn will have you ready to puff, puff, pass to new and old friends alike (if they’re lucky!)


With friends in high places its no wonder they have some of the best concentrate around. They are proud to partner with X-Tracted labs, Pearl, and the WERC Shop to pair the best craft-grown cannabis with their expert knowledge. The results are magical. With their powers combined, they bring you the best wax, dabs, and co2 natural terpene vape cartridges as well as clear solventless terpene carts.

With a promise to “continuously learn, grow and share our experience with our communities,” Western Cultured has been a shining symbol of excellence in the cannabis industry. Supplying only the best cannabis products, they remain a certified must-try brand. Check out their website and get to know the crew better with their “meet us Mondays” that showcase those incredible people who grow the wonders that we all get to enjoy!

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Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washington western cultured
Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washington seatwwn lemon


We are quite easy to find. Located near the on-ramp for the West Seattle Bridge on 1st Avenue in Seattle’s Industrial District, we’re just minutes from downtown.

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