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Decisions, decisions. ZootDrops Concentrates feature custom ZootBlends of THC Cypress Extract™ paired with all-natural enhancers so you can choose whether to feel energized or to just chill and have a good time. Going dancing with friends or playing a quick nine? Try the Mandarin Lime Yippee Ki-yay High Energy Blend. Curling up with a favorite book or just watching the world go by? The Lemon Kick Back Relaxation Blend may be more your speed. There’s a ZootDrop blend for every whim.

Stir the desired amount of ZootDrops into any beverage or drink straight. Need some creative inspiration? Check out our ZootDrops cannabis infused cocktail recipes.



Delight your taste buds and elevate your senses with ZootRocks—Washington State’s best-selling cannabis infused edible product! Made from our proprietary THC Cypress Extract™ and blended with all natural ingredients, ZootRocks are full of flavor and fun. Available in four delicious flavors—Cinnamon, Lemongrass, ZootBerry and all new Caramel!



Ready to blast off? ZootBlasts feature our own ZootBlend of THC Cypress Extract™ paired with natural enhancers to deliver a clear-headed high with an energizing kick. Yerba mate and guarana provide a stimulating caffeine boost, while lemon balm sustains energy and mental clarity. Carpe diem! Available in 10mg and 30mg bottles. Availability varies by market.



Indulge your cravings with sinfully delicious ZootBites Caramel Espresso Brownies and Kooki Dough Baked Blondies. Each irresistibly scrumptious serving is blended with 10mg of our proprietary THC Cypress Extract™ for a delectable experience you’ll enjoy well beyond the last crumb. Want to take it slow? Try half a serving. We evenly blend the THC to every corner so it’s easy to control your experience—just relax and enjoy the ride.

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Fresh air. Birds chirping. Mother Nature is calling you direct. And when you pick up, be sure to take Zoots along. Enjoy Zoots all-natural ingredients in the great outdoors.


Imagine. Your own personal muse. The invisible friend that sits on your shoulder and inspires greatness and productivity. Go on. Charge up those creative juices. The only thing you have to lose is your inhibition.


Pass the Zoots and sit back and let the good times roll.Sharing with friends feels even better. Best of all, our custom ZootBlends let you choose whether to feel energized or just chill and have a good time without becom­ing uncomfortably stoned. Cheers!


Whether you’re communing with nature, living it up with friends, or kicking back with a favorite flick, you can elevate the moment with Zoots. Enjoy feeling high without feeling baked. How you Zoot is up to you.

Although the FDA currently does not regulate marijuana products, Zoots voluntarily choses to follow its guidelines for food safety. From day one, it’s been their mission to provide cannabis infused products that are trustworthy, reliable and safe for consumers. They are fortunate to have over 30 years of expertise in food manufacturing, and as a result, their facilities uphold the same high standards as any other consumer packaged food facility. They test all of their edible products for variabilities in taste, potency, and pathogens, which they find is the best way to ensure a safer, more consistent, and more en joyable experience for the consumer.

Zoots and Db3 were founded by three brothers—Dan, Michael and Patrick Devlin. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, the brothers had a vision to bring to the people of Washington State the safest, most reliable and most trusted cannabis infused products available, while setting new standards of purity, consistency and quality. The Zoots commitment to product quality and food safety is a result of the brothers’ extensive experience (over 30 years) in developing snack foods and consumer packaged goods prior to entering the marijuana market and has helped propel Zoots Premium Cannabis Infused Edibles to consistently rank among the top-selling edible products in Washington State since they first hit the market in 2014.

Zoots Premium Cannabis Infusions are manufactured by Db3 Inc., in Seattle, Washington. In July 2014, twenty months after state voters approved Washington Initiative 502 to legalize recreational cannabis, Db3 passed the Washington State LCB’s Infused Edible Operation Inspection and became the first company licensed to produce marijuana infused products in the state. Since then, Db3 has operated out of a 25,000 square-foot, state-of-the art production facility in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood, where it utilizes its proprietary Cypress Extraction System™ to produce cannabis infused edibles and oil extracts that adhere to the highest standards in quality and food safety.

“In surveying consumers and talking to government overseers, we learned that some of the biggest factors absent from the current legalized and gray medical marijuana marketplaces include consistency, manufacturing quality and consumer control over dose,” said Patrick Devlin, Zoots co-founder. “We wanted to create something that all people – from marijuana enthusiasts, to those returning after not partaking for some time, to first-timers – could trust for a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience, every time.”

Where To Buy Zoots

We are quite easy to find. Located on Othello St. and Rainier Ave S. across the street from Honest Jacks. We are just minutes walk from the Othello Light Rail Station and Seward Park.

Seattle Cannabis Ca. 7266 Rainier Ave S Seattle,
WA 98118

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