Harmony Farms

Harmony Farms, based in Lacey Washington, is able to provide the i502 market with premium quality cannabis by combing the industries most cutting edge technology with decades of grow knowledge and experience. The Harmony Farms team is made of cultivators from all backgrounds ranging from medical cannabis, organic vegetable farming, and cellular-biology. Harmony Farms remains conscientious of their environmental footprint and strives for transparency when it comes to all nutrient and pesticide regulation.

Harmony and AiroPro

Harmony Farms and AiroPro have come together to bring you the finest vaporizer with the highest quality oils on the market. The AiroPro vaporizer delivers the ideal vaping experience with 3-5 times more vapor than the competitors. Designed specially for cannabis, the AiroPro cartridges use a revolutionary ceramic atomizer, connect magnetically, and are color coded for easy identification.

When activated the battery vibrates discreetly without drawing attention, and has a built in LED charge indicator. Made from high quality materials AiroPro is resistant to leaking and virtually indestructible. Every batch of oil has undergone clean extraction methods to ensure any impurities have been removed, which leaves you with a clean, smooth, and highly potent cannabis oil.

Harmony Flower.

Harmony Farms takes great care in growing and processing their prized flowers. They use only the best sanitary practices and organic pest management to ensure that your flower is clean and safe. Each strain is grown in a separate room allowing the feeding and environment to be tailored for each strains specific needs. At Harmony Farms they also enrich their soil with organic microbes that help break down nutrients and help support the plants immune system and over all health. The team takes pride in there hand manicured flower ensuring that consumers get nothing but the best. Their glass jars are hermetically sealed to ensure freshness and secure against tampering.

“As both company and people we promote a future filled with harmony. Our highly experienced team has been farming together since March, 2015. It is our sincere commitment to build a reputation of excellence and transparency that supports the greater cannabis community. We take pride in bringing you the best we can offer and look very much forward to growing together. Thank you for your support on behalf of all of us here at Harmony Farms.”

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