Is Marijuana Legal in Seattle? Yes! How to Buy Marijuana in Seattle

Since marijuana has been legal in the past, it raises a lot of questions for how to buy marijuana legally in Seattle. Many people are wonder, “is marijuana legal in Seattle or is that just a misconception?” The truth is that marijuana really is legal and you can now buy it for recreational purposes. Even though weed is legal in Seattle, you still need to know how to buy it and where you can smoke it to avoid being in violation of the law. It might be legal to buy weed, but there are still a few restrictions and regulations.

Why is Marijuana Legal in Seattle?

Before you learn more about how to buy marijuana in Seattle, you need to understand why weed was legalized. The fact is that the people of Seattle voted for the legalization of weed. This means that the majority of voters decided that legalizing weed would be beneficial for all. This means that cannabis can legally be purchased in Seattle, because people wanted it to be this way.

Is Marijuana Legal in Seattle if You Are Under the Age of 21?

Buying weed in Seattle is now legal, but there is an age restriction that you need to be aware of. You need to be at least 21 in order to buy marijuana legally in Seattle. This means that you need to have identification on hand that proves your age when you are going to but cannabis. It is illegal for any Seattle weed store to sell weed to anyone under the age of 21.

How Much Can You Buy?

Even though it is completely legal to but weed for recreational use in Seattle, you need to be aware of the legal limit you can purchase at one time. In Seattle, it is only within the law to buy one ounce of marijuana. It is illegal to have more than an ounce of weed on you at any given time. If you do not want to illegally buy weed in Seattle, you can’t look to buy more than one ounce at a time.

Is Medical Marijuana Still Legal?

It is also important to realize that you can only buy medical marijuana with a prescription. If you do not have a prescription for medical marijuana you have to buy recreational weed from a cannabis store in Seattle that is authorized to sell cannabis for recreational use.

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