The powerful and nourishing sunshine of Washington’s Okanogan county is excellent for growing a variety of crops. One sun-loving crop has recently found a foothold in the region – cannabis.Many I-502 cannabis growers have chosen the sun-kissed valleys of North-Central Washington to setup outdoor grow operations.Among them is CannaSol Farms – a Tier 3 producer capable of not only growing their own cannabis, but also processing many of their smaller neighbor’s cannabis crops.With access to more than 72 different strains grown in Okanogan County, CannaSol is able to deliver an amazing variety of sungrown cannabis to consumers in Washington state.

“As a Tier 3 Producer, we are a fully developed farm, front to back. 12 double row hoop houses, boasting 60+ beautiful plants each, as well as an array of full term strains. CannaSol Farms is dedicated to producing the finest sun grown cannabis in the industry.”


CannaSol specializes in premium cannabis, grown naturally and sustainably.No salt-based nutrients are used on their plants.Only the harvest’s best kolas are selected to be hang dried and “long cured” in cool, low oxygen conditions.Natural fertilizers and organic pesticides maximize the plant’s natural terpenes and ensure a low carbon footprint at every stage of cultivation.This makes CannaSol a great choice for consumers who want the best for themselves and the planet.Sustainability. Responsibility.Integrity. These are the company’s core values.

So what exactly is sungrown cannabis?Sungrown represents a return to the “natural” cultivation of marijuana — high-quality, organic ingredients, locally-sourced water and pure sunshine.(This differs from what has been known up until recently as ‘outdoor’ bud, which can vary widely in terms of quality.)Using artificial light to grow marijuana can be costly and potentially environmentally harmful.Sungrown reduces the carbon footprint of grow operations by using the sun and local resources. Many consumers claim to be able to tell the difference by the richer smell and less manicured look of sungrown. Some claim that sungrown cannabis feels ‘happier’ or ‘brighter’ than indoors, though these claims can’t be substantiated.Of course the best way to know the difference is to try it for yourself!
You can read more about Eastern Washington’s burgeoning sungrown cannabis business and CannaSol Farms here.

Seattle Cannabis Company offers a rotating selection of CannaSol products including flowers, kolas and pre-rolled cones.Please visit our menu for our current offerings.

For a closer look CannaSol’s operations, check out this short feature from High Times.


We are quite easy to find. Located near the on-ramp for the West Seattle Bridge on 1st Avenue in Seattle’s Industrial District, we’re just minutes from downtown.

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