Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washington Dama Cannabis

The word “dàmà” comes from the oldest known Neolithic culture in China, the Yang-shao and was their expression for cannabis. Today, dàmà Cannabis Products stands as a leader of quality in the industry. With a premium line of Dried Flower, Oil Concentrate, Vapor, Capsules, and Wax, dàmà invites everyone from the novice to the most discerning connoisseur to discover a premium cannabis experience with a sophisticated line of products that deliver consistent purity and potency.


With our locally grown and expertly prepared cannabis products, dàmà upholds the rich heritage of the plant, while transforming and diversifying its uses, from our flagship oil to premium flower. At dàmà, we are passionate in our pursuit to perfect the craft of growing the finest cannabis.

    Staring with genetically identical clone clippings, they are then transferred to incubation to ensure proper root development in the humid environment. Once the roots have developed they are then transferred to larger pots and placed into vegetation, where they will have plenty of room to reach optimal size. Once optimal size is reached the plants are then moved into flowering, this is where the happy bush will grow beautiful mature colas. 

    The Curing process begins by first harvesting the plants, they are all hand cut and hung up to dry for a period of time allowing for ideal moisture and prime potency. Then the trimming begins, each bud is hand trimmed then depending on moisture quality and overall look the best buds are chosen to be sold as grams, eights, or larger quantities. Smaller more dried buds are used for concentrates and pre – rolls, leaving nothing to waste.


Another stand out product of dama is their line of vape cartridges. During the extraction process the plant material is finely ground down and given a food grade ethanol / alcohol bath, then the full plant resins are extracted. After identifying the CBD and THC strains the full plant resins are put through a distillation process to isolate the cannabinoids. After reintroducing each strains natural terpene profile, the oil is filled into a stander 5/10 thread pattern C-Cell cartridges, a derete and easy to use product that will fit most vape batteries and has a non – carcinogenic uptake.

Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washington Dama Farms

Where to buy Dama Cannabis

We are quite easy to find. Located on Othello St. and Rainier Ave S. across the street from Honest Jacks. We are just minutes walk from the Othello Light Rail Station and Seward Park.

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