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Seattle Cannabis Co proudly offers the exceptional products of Dàmà Cannabis Products, a brand that upholds the rich heritage of cannabis while delivering a premium cannabis experience. With a diverse line of products including dried flower, oil concentrate, vapor, capsules, and wax, Dàmà invites both novice users and discerning connoisseurs to discover the consistent purity and potency of their sophisticated cannabis offerings. The name “Dàmà” finds its roots in the ancient Yang-shao culture of China, where it was used to represent cannabis. Today, Dàmà Cannabis Products stands as a leader in the industry, committed to providing top-notch quality. Their locally grown and expertly prepared cannabis products are a testament to their dedication to perfecting the craft of cultivating the finest cannabis. Dàmà’s flower selection is a testament to their commitment to excellence. The journey begins with genetically identical clone clippings, carefully nurtured in an incubation environment to ensure optimal root development. Once the roots have flourished, the plants are transferred to larger pots and placed into vegetation, allowing them to reach their optimal size. When the plants have matured, they enter the flowering stage, where they grow into beautiful, mature colas. Harvesting is done by hand, and the plants are hung up to dry, ensuring ideal moisture levels and maximum potency. Each bud is then meticulously hand-trimmed, with only the best-quality buds selected for sale as grams, eighths, or larger quantities. Smaller, dried buds are used for concentrates and pre-rolls, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Dàmà’s line of vape cartridges is another standout product. The extraction process involves finely grinding the plant material and subjecting it to a food-grade ethanol/alcohol bath. This allows for the extraction of full plant resins. After identifying the CBD and THC strains, the full plant resins undergo a distillation process to isolate the cannabinoids. The oil is then reintroduced to each strain’s natural terpene profile. The final product is filled into standard 5/10 thread pattern C-Cell cartridges, providing a discrete and user-friendly vaping experience that fits most vape batteries and offers a non-carcinogenic uptake. Seattle Cannabis Co is delighted to partner with Dàmà Cannabis Products to offer their exceptional line of cannabis products to our valued customers. We share their passion for delivering consistent purity and potency, ensuring that your cannabis experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Visit Seattle Cannabis Co today and explore the range of Dàmà Cannabis Products, embracing the legacy of cannabis excellence with each purchase. Trust in Dàmà Cannabis Products for a premium cannabis experience that captures the essence of the plant’s rich heritage. From their meticulously cultivated dried flower to their refined oil concentrate and vape cartridges, Dàmà delivers quality and sophistication at every turn. Elevate your cannabis journey with Dàmà Cannabis Products, available at Seattle Cannabis Co.

Where to buy Dama Cannabis? Right here at Seattle Cannabis Co!

We are quite easy to find. Located on Othello St. and Rainier Ave S. across the street from Honest Jacks. We are just minutes walk from the Othello Light Rail Station and Seward Park.

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