Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washington Oleum Dabs

Oleum Extracts is a pioneer in Hydrocarbon and Ethanol closed loop extractions, they pride themselves on producing and providing clean, pure, and potent high-grade cannabis concentrates; rich in THC, CBD, and other imperative cannabinoid compounds and Terpenes. 

Oleum Extracts is constantly researching new and better ways to provide the best cannabis concentrates to retailers like Seattle Cannabis Co., and their consumers. Hard work, passion, persistence, integrity, service and accountability are attributes that can be seen and felt in this company’s character and products.

Honey Crystal

Oleum’s Honey Crystal is a fully dewaxed and winterized product meaning that the naturally occurring fats, waxes and other botanical impurities are removed from the essential oil. The removal of the impurities at a low temperature allows the flavor to come out clearly while hitting smoother than other extracts. Since much of the impurities have been removed, total cannabinoid potency also increases. 

Live Resin

The starting material for Oleum’s Live Resin is fresh flower that is then flash frozen instead of being dried and cured. We have specially designed extraction equipment for Live Resin. Extracting the fresh flower at extreme low temperatures (below-100F) ensures a high terpene extraction as well as THCa preservation throughout the extraction process. This will leave you with a rich flavor profile and a potent high. All Live Resins are dewaxed to remove botanical impurities. One increase benefit of Live Resin is the increase in other native cannabinoids as they do not have a chance to die off in the curing process.

Sugar Cones

Sugar Cones are Oleum’s infused pre-roll option! They source their flower from long time partners and use their popular Sugar Resin to infuse the full flower preroll. Oleum’s Sugar Cones are rolled and infused to burn even while not ‘clogging’ the preroll. They are undoubtedly a store favorite at Seattle Cannabis Company. 

Cryo Tek

CryoTek has got to be one of the coolest things Oleum has done outside of their Wizard Stones! This product has been extracted using their Live Resin cold extraction equipment and refined using their Honey Crystal processing. When extracting at Cryo temperatures, defined anywhere from −150 °C (−238 °F) to absolute zero (−273 °C or −460 °F), doing this allows Oleum to preserve the THCA and the tasty terpenes from the flower. This high cannabinoid extract has a delicious flavor profile while packing a punch.


Each cart uses a ceramic heating element for a clean flavor profile. Oleum’s standard full and half grams are filled with strain specific Distillate. They often have limited release carts that are filled with Delta – 8 Distillate or Honey Crystal oil (Honey Crystal is heated for a good consistency) and our budtender staff as a whole cannot get enough of these releases! All their carts will work with any 510 thread battery.


From time to time we do carry Oleum’s more lucrative products such as there Wizard Stones, White Walker Isolates, and Rocks N Sauce. If you wish to see more of these lucrative dabs from Oleum on our shelves feel free to put in a request next time you see your budtender.

Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washington oleum concentrates


We are quite easy to find. Located the corner of Othello S. and Rainier Ave. S in South Seattle. Just a Short walk from the Othello St. Light Rail Station and Seward Park!

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