“In 2014 we set out to create something that was going to change the industry forever.”

Phat Panda Flower

Phat Panda is one of the most widely known and commonly enjoyed companies in the i502 recreational marijuana industry. You will rarely go into a shop anywhere in Seattle and not see at least a few pre-rolls or some of their high quality product lining the shelves. This is largely due to the fact that they streamlined their production facility in 2014. This has helped make them one of the leaders in high quality, well cultured flower, extracts, and pre-rolls.

Phat Panda’s Grow-Op Farms has come leaps and bounds using their state-of-the-art growing system to insure consistency and overall product quality. This insures they will be a contender for years to come with the perfect combination of skill and dedication and a great attitude toward serving their customers.

With over 40 strains of premium marijuana, we are confident they have everything you need to be competitive in the growing i502 market!

Hot Sugar Edibles

To those of you who have long enjoyed infused coffees, teas, or flavored drinks, their Hot Sugar line is an instant win!It’s also an easy starting point for marijuana newcomers: take a moment for yourself with one of their soft, tantalizing caramels that melts in your mouth and stimulates the mind.

Sticky Frog Concentrates

When you’re ready for the finishing touches, the warm glow of their Sticky Frog concentrates will help you ease the day away on that oh-so-comfy couch of yours. If dabs aren’t your thing, they have awesome vape cartridges or easy disposable vapes.

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