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Step into a realm where cannabis typology is redefined, empowering you to make informed and conscious decisions. Welcome to Raven Grass, a brand that goes beyond the traditional Indica and Sativa classifications. By embracing the concept of cannabinoid chemotypes, Raven Grass offers a captivating selection of strains like Blueberry Trainwreck, Panama Red, Lemon OG, and a range of remarkable CBD flower options including Lite, Frida, and Gilda. Join us as we embark on a journey through Raven Grass’s commitment to transparency, honesty, and a conscious approach to cannabis.
Raven Grass deviates from the conventional Indica and Sativa classifications, opting for a chemotype-based framework to provide consumers with more accurate and honest information about their cannabis products. Let’s explore Raven Grass’s cannabinoid chemotypes:

Type 01: THC Predominant

  1. Ember: Immerse Yourself in a Heady, Strong, and Stoned Experience.
  2. Gold: Experience the Bright, Light, and Rare Sensations of This Strain.
  3. Violet: Indulge in a Body, Chill, and Meditative Journey with This Strain.

Type 02: Mixed THC:CBD Ratio

  1. Leaf: Root, Heart, Heal, and Feel the Transformative Properties of This Strain.
  2. Sunlight: Embrace Bright Euphoria, Motivating You to Go, Do, See, and Be.
  3. Pink: Unlock Wonder, Inspiration, Creativity, and Engage in Spirited Debates.
  4. Marine: Relax, Recover, Rest, and Unwind with the Chill Vibes of This Strain.

Raven Grass operates with a deep-rooted belief in conscious decision-making and ethical practices. Here’s what sets them apart:

  1. Empowering Consumers: Raven Grass recognizes the power of consumers and strives to provide transparent information about their products. By empowering consumers with knowledge, they enable informed decision-making.

  2. Quality and Healthfulness: Raven Grass prioritizes the quality and healthfulness of their end products. Their choices are driven by a commitment to the well-being of their customers, ensuring that every experience with their cannabis is exceptional.

  3. Demystifying Cannabis: Raven Grass aims to demystify cannabis through clarity, truth, and fact-based rhetoric. They steer clear of manipulative advertising tactics, allowing consumers to make honest and conscious decisions.

Raven Grass believes in the potential of the legal cannabis industry to lead by example, demonstrating how conscious, awake, and caring individuals can operate within the business world. Their values encompass normalization, education, and transparency, fostering a society where individuals are not exploited but rather empowered.
Raven Grass Cannabis invites you to embrace the power of honest choices and conscious decision-making. With their chemotype-based approach and a range of captivating strains like Blueberry Trainwreck, Panama Red, Lemon OG, and CBD flower options such as Lite, Frida, and Gilda, Raven Grass offers a unique cannabis experience. By prioritizing transparency, education, and the well-being of their customers, Raven Grass sets an example of what it means to be a conscious and caring brand. Explore the essence of Raven Grass Cannabis and join the journey of informed cannabis consumption.

Where to buy Raven Grass Cannabis

We are quite easy to find. Located on Othello St. and Rainier Ave S. across the street from Honest Jacks. We are just minutes walk from the Othello Light Rail Station and Seward Park.

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