Subdued excitement specializes in superior genetics and ultra-efficient growing methods. They supply some of the finest top shelf bud Washington has to offer while maintaining amazing quality, unparalleled consistency, and, most importantly, sustainability.

They are deeply rooted in the northwest with a love of snowboarding the legendary Mt. Baker. But that hasn’t stopped them from collecting the finest flowers from top breeders around the world. With decades of cultivation experience, their growers are the cream of the crop who bring their finely tuned skill set to the Washington market.

Their 100% pesticide free flower is not only top notch but also hand trimmed by certified hippies eager to lend their skills to the next generation of true cannabis enthusiasts.
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If you’re looking for consistent, premium quality flower and concentrates, look no further than Sub-X.


We are quite easy to find. Located near the on-ramp for the West Seattle Bridge on 1st Avenue in Seattle’s Industrial District, we’re just minutes from downtown.

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