5 In-Demand Cannabis Strains at our Seattle Cannabis Store

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At Seattle Cannabis Company, we know the many problems that growers of cannabis can come across when trying to select the best cannabis strains. At our Seattle cannabis store we make a big effort to give you access to some of the very best cannabis strains out there. This will allow you to have the best weed available without question. Picking the very best cannabis strains is not always easy, but at our Seattle cannabis store we are glad to point you in the right direction.

High Quality Cannabis Strains

At Seattle Cannabis Store, we make it a priority to sell only high quality cannabis strains that allow for the best experience. Some cannabis strains are better than others and we have the experience to know which top rated strain would be ideal for you. It is our firsthand experience with a variety of different cannabis strains that allows us to let you in on what we have learned over the years. We are happy to share with you the top and in-demand cannabis strains that we sell the most of at Seattle Cannabis Company. We are the go-to authority on top cannabis strains and are known for selling the best in the region.

Here are some of eth most in-demand cannabis strains at out Seattle cannabis store:

1. Blue Afghani

This unique cannabis strain is known throughout Seattle as being one of our top sellers. It definitely lives up to its name and leaves you wanting more with every taste. This is a cannabis strain that we are really proud of at our Seattle cannabis store. If you are looking for a cannabis strain that is known for being very strong, then Blue Afghani is right up your alley.

2. Chernobyl

This is another in-demand cannabis strain that we sell to many of our loyal customers. It has a bit more of a fruity taste than some of our other strains, but this is the preference of some weed smokers. It is not quite as strong as other cannabis strains, but it is just right.

3. Grape Ape

This is an in-demand strain of cannabis that a lot of our customers just can’t get enough of. With a delicious grape taste it leaves you wanting more.

4. Cinex

This is one of our newer strains that is just now starting to take off. It is pretty strong, so it is best for weed smokers with some experience.

5. Critical Kush

The final top 5 in-demand cannabis strain that we sell is Critical Kush. It definitely lives up to the hype that it has gotten in the Seattle area.

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