San Fernando Kush Review


By Danielle

  • Product: Flower
  • Strain: San Fernando Kush
  • Indica/Hybrid/Sativa: Indica
  • Producer: Mt. Baker Gardens
  • Appearance: Fluffy, crystal coated buds. Neatly manicured and stored.
  • Aroma: Upon cracking open the sealed jar, your senses are filled with a whiff of dense earth. Once you grind up the buds, you can detect a slight change in scent to that unmistakable, rich pine flavor.
  • Taste: Heavy on the earth, with a light floral finish.
  • Effect: Immediate body buzz, with dry mouth and a munchies-driven quest for a soda shortly following. A calming, but very functional high.
  • Packaging: Glass jars provide a clear view of the product. The jar is air-sealed under the lid, to ensure that no human hands touch your buds until they arrive to you.

Overall: It is always nice to see a company successfully transfer over from the WA State MMJ market over into the legal (i-502) side of the market. Mt. Baker Gardens definitely brought their award-winning talent with them, which was recognized at this year’s annual Dope Cup for their famed ‘Baked Cookies’ hybrid, as the People’s Choice for ‘Best Flower.’ This was actually the second eighth that I purchased of Mt. Bakers’ from Seattle Cannabis Co., and I was equally impressed with both this San Fernando Kush as well as the Grape God. Quality and consistency seem to be standard for these buds.


Make sure to give your piece a fresh cleaning before trying a new strain if you want to truly experience its unique flavor. If you are smoking with the help of a water pipe, you will want to refresh your water. We aren’t saying you have to filter your smoke with Fiji water, but terpenes can hang out in used bong water, changing the flavor of what you’re currently smoking on. You can treat yourself to a fresh-from-the-glass-shop pipe or any other smoking device by performing a ‘deep clean’ as often as you presume necessary. This can involve soaking your glass in a solution of rubbing alcohol and coarse sea salt, to scrub off any residue. Shake well, using your hands to cover any air holes, and finally rinse with warm water for several minutes to remove any rubbing alcohol. Now you’re ready for 4:20pm and some munchies with friends!

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