Seattle Recreational Weed – 5 Things you Need to Know about the Industry

Even though Seattle recreational weed has now been legalized, there are still some things that you need to know about the industry as a whole and how this legalization effects consumers. The Seattle recreational marijuana industry is fairly new, so all of the small issues have not completely been resolved just yet.

Here are the 5 things about the Seattle recreational weed industry that you just have to know:

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People Wanted This

The first thing that you have to consider about the Seattle recreational weed industry is that it was voted into legislation. This means that the people of Seattle wanted recreational marijuana use to be legalized. Now it is possible for all Seattle residents over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana without a medical prescription. This means that retailers of weed in Seattle can now sell it to a larger consumer base. The industry as a whole can grow enormously as a result. Some have been angered by the legalization of Seattle recreational weed, but it is important to remember that the majority wanted it to be legalized.

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Taxes are the Reality

Even though weed for recreational use has been legalized, it has also led to increased taxes. Using weed for recreational purposes means that you are going to have to pay very high taxes. This is just the unavoidable reality that those within the industry simply have to deal with. Consumers of recreational weed will be taxed, but this tax does not affect those buying weed for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana is still available for sale for those that are medical buyers of pot. Buying medical marijuana means that you do not have to pay the high taxes met for recreational weed users only.

Are There Restrictions?

Even though it is legal to buy recreational weed in Seattle, there are some restrictions that all in the industry should be aware of. The amount that you can buy does have a limit. You must not only be over the age of 21 to buy recreational weed legally, but you also have a limit as to how much you can purchase at one time. The amount depends on the state where you are buying the weed. Consumers of recreational weed also have to be aware that you can’t just smoke it anywhere and there are restrictions.

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