3 Healthy Ways to Use Seattle Cannabis – Vapes, Bongs and Edibles

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It seems like cannabis is constantly getting a bad reputation. However, sometimes this bad rap is not warranted. If you are looking for healthier cannabis use, you have a few options.

Here are the top 3 healthy ways that you can use cannabis:


Vaporizers are not only one of the simplest ways to use marijuana, but they are also one of the healthiest ways. Vaping is not the same thing as smoking. Even though smoking cannabis is not as harmful to your health as smoking cigarettes, it can still be healthier to vaporize weed instead of smoking it. Vaping cannabis is becoming increasingly popular and you can purchase a wide variety of vaporizers and cannabis strains designed for vaping. If you are looking to expose your body to less toxins and use your cannabis more discreetly, vaping really is the way to go. Now you can use your cannabis without alerting all of your neighbors.

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If you are looking to use cannabis a little more safely, you might try using a bong. Bongs are extremely popular with recreational weed users and they are only becoming more common. A bong has many unique designs. The most traditional is a long tube with an open top that is attached to a bowl at one side. You fill the base of the bong with water and you can puff your cannabis directly from the bong. It is a healthier way to use marijuana as opposed to just lighting up a joint and smoking it.

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The last of the top 3 ways to use cannabis more safely involves edible cannabis. Eating cannabis might not seem like a good idea, but there are actually edible varieties of cannabis that have been made specifically for users to eat. This type of cannabis is common at medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. It is a safe way to use cannabis and also allows you to experience marijuana’s pleasures without actually having to smoke a joint.

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