Buy Weed in Seattle – 5 Reasons to Choose Marijuana Over Alcohol!

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New research and studies involving the true effects of long-term alcohol use clearly show that marijuana is much safer and healthier than alcohol. This means that you should look to buy weed in Seattle before you go down to the local liquor store. All signs point to alcohol being much worse for your physical or mental health than weed.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy weed in Seattle instead of alcohol:

1. Reverse Past Brain Damage

Interesting results has been derived from research surrounding alcohol related brain damage. There is no dispute that long-term alcohol use can cause negative effects on the brain over time. However, cannabis does not come with as significant of a risk.

2. Less Aggressive

It should also be noted that alcohol has a tendency to make people more aggressive and often promotes violent behavior. However, cannabis has the opposite effect and normally makes people much calmer and less aggressive. This means that incidents or violent disputes are less common in cannabis users than in alcohol abusers.

3. Not Addictive

Studies on alcohol use show that alcohol is extremely addictive, but this is not true of weed. While alcoholism is an extremely dangerous condition that is hard to recover from, cannabis is much less addictive and easier to stop using.

4. Cannabis Does Not Kill

The biggest difference between weed use and alcohol use is that alcohol can kill. Over 2 million people die each and every year from alcohol abuse, but there are relatively no deaths caused by the use of marijuana alone. Since one kills and the other does not, this clearly shows that alcohol is so much more dangerous and potentially life threatening than weed.

5. Cannabis is fun

The facts clearly show that you should choose weed over alcohol if you vale your health and safety.

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