5 Innovative Ways a Seattle Marijuana Store Can Attract New Customers

Looking to attract more business to your Seattle based Marijuana store? Lets review 5 innovative ways you can bring in more customers and increase sales.

Sometimes the Most Innovative Is The Most Basic

Due to marijuana having been illegal for so long, people don’t expect to see advertising for marijuana out in the open. So, use some basic advertising tools to your advantage and surprise people. A number of smoke shops for example have been taking out billboard advertisements for their business. Along with the shock value that comes with a pot leaf being so blatantly displayed can be a message that pokes fun at it no longer being taboo in our society.


Given the popularity of wine tours, have you though about a pot tour? How about matching the experience of marijuana with something like cheese or bread? Though it may sound funny at first, creating social events through your business where people can smoke and share in the experience is an excellent way to draw attention to your business.

A New and Exciting Display

There are a million different foods that can be infused with marijuana. Even if you do not sell what you create, you can use it as a display to draw people in. From marijuana infused ketch-up to anything weird you can think of, having a display can be an excellent way to draw interest to your business.

Music Nights

Within pot culture there is a strong relationship between music and smoking. Why not take advantage of this. Bring in a music critic or even one of several individuals who have gotten their PHD studying the Grateful Dead. Have conversations, listen to music, and enjoy an experience heightened by the product you provide.

Support For Non-Smokers, Dosage, and Tourists

This is a general catchall suggestion to be as open as possible regarding the product you sell. Given the well-known fact that marijuana is only legal in a couple of states, there is a definite marijuana tourism industry forming. In addition to providing information to tourists, you can make a name for yourself by making it known that you will help those who have never tripped before but are looking to experience it. A great deal of hesitation can come prior to tripping, and there are a number of services you can provide to help people out. From explaining dosages to making people aware of the do’s and don’t of smoking culture etiquette, you can go a long way to making a smoker’s first experience special. In addition, by providing products for non-smokers, you can be all inclusive.

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