Seattle Recreational Marijuana – 4 Reasons the Industry is Growing and Will Be Long-Term

Now that Marijuana is legal in Washington and Seattle specifically, there is a lot of talk as to whether or not the industry will be solid. Will it continue to grow and can it be counted on as a long-term industry? Lets look at 4 reasons as to why the answer to all of these questions is yes.

It Is Now Legal

When something is legal, the supply chain becomes standardized, taxed, and overseen by various agencies. Simply put, legalization of marijuana means that people can now legally use it. These are not individuals that are using for the first time, but a dedicated group of individuals who form the backbone of the industry. From this backbone, it is becoming easier to build on and form a long-term business out of.

Awareness Of The Product Is Growing

Currently, Seattle recreational marijuana is ranked by the US Government as Schedule 1 drug. This means that marijuana is ranked along side the absolutely worst drugs out there. Funny enough, Cocaine, which is incredibly bad for you, is listed as schedule 2. Given the growing body of research that exists, marijuana is as dangerous or less dangerous then drinking. In addition, it is less dangerous then cigarette smoking and nicotine. As more and more awareness of the product grows, people will be more willing to use it, growing the industry in the process.

Standardization of the Industry

One of the biggest complaints regarding legalization of marijuana at the moment is a lack of standardization regarding pot-based products. For example, not every pot brownie lists the exact dosage that is included in it. As the industry continues to develop, these standards are set in place, and people have a better understanding of what they are purchasing. With this safety comes the consumer confidence required to sustain a long-term industry.

Tourism and Source Confirmation

Few places in the world legalize marijuana. Washington State is one of those places. As a result, as long as marijuana remains illegal in most places, there will be increased demand through pot tourism. In addition, as people are made aware as to the source of where the marijuana comes from, there will be less stigma associated with the product. For example, by having the product be legal, you do not need to worry about gangs, forced labor in production, or illegal practices.

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