Bob Marley’s Global Marijuana Brand – Family Helped by Seattle Company

There have been very few people that believed in legalizing marijuana as strongly and sincerely as Bob Marley. The Reggae legend became an icon and a symbol for the pro-marijuana movement without any involvement from his family or friends. That changed recently when a Seattle company helped Bob Marley’s family launch a global marijuana brand that will prolong Marley’s legacy and views, and help his love for marijuana encourage cannabis reform. Marijuana is being legalized in cultures throughout the world and it’s a fast moving idea that is sweeping the United States.

It has been more than three decades since Marley passed and this consumer cannabis brand will help him live on, with the support of a private equity firm located in Seattle.

The brand is called Marley Natural and it will be used internationally to sell marijuana products and gear, starting in 2015. The many products that will be marketed under the brand include vaporizers, bongs, lotions, unique strains and more. Of course, it will only be marketed in regions of the world where marijuana is permitted and the sale of these goods complies with local regulation.

Bob Marley’s daughter commented on the deal and said “Marley Natural is a brand with deep roots in the life and legacy of our father, he’s smiling at what’s happening.”

The Seattle firm that helped the deal become a possibility is a subsidiary of Privateer Holdings, which has been located in Seattle for over four years. Privateer is closely connected to the marijuana industry and has a number of marijuana-related businesses including Leafly, a cannabis strain app that’s downloaded by smartphone owners and marijuana enthusiasts around the world. They also own Tilray, a popular medical marijuana brand that’s thriving in Canada.

In 2013, Marley’s family came to Privateer with an idea on how they could use his positive views on marijuana to promote its legalization around the world and of course, the company was very receptive to the idea. Privateer said the family had ambitious goals that aligned with what they were trying to accomplish in the cannabis industry.

“We wanted Bob Marley’s voice and vision – and his family’s vision – to help be a part of this movement of ending prohibition. In many ways, he started the movement 50 years ago with his public comments about cannabis.” said CEO Brendan Kennedy from Privateer Holdings.

Kennedy has been staying in New York lately, helping the Marley Natural brand get established and their new office set up. Kennedy said the market for the company is clear, “responsible adults who are already consumers of cannabis.” In most areas of the world, legal pot use is for adults 21 years of age or older.

The marijuana industry has seen significant change recently, in the U.S. and other countries throughout the world. There are highly lucrative opportunities and entrepreneurs that have got behind the movement early are already seeing the benefits of their savvy decisions. With Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. recently legalizing recreational marijuana, recreational marijuana sales will be a booming business in many parts of the country.

Marijuana related companies that specialize in products, paraphernalia and cannabis gear have much to gain. Investors have their eye on upcoming businesses and entrepreneurs. To date, Privateer has raised over $50 million to contribute to their cause.

Kennedy says the firm hopes to close out another $75 million when he returns to Seattle in December.

Troy Dayton, CEO of a marijuana investment network stated “The investors notice that this could be the next great American industry and are looking to make money. They are also looking at this as an impact investment. Many want to see the day when not a single adult is punished for marijuana and they see investing in this industry as a way to make that happen.”

Much of the United States is against the war on drugs and prohibition. Most want to see marijuana reform and a focus placed on violent offenders. Investing in marijuana is a great way to promote that opinion and help the industry expand.

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