Marijuana Vaporizers – The Benefits of a Weed Vaporizer

Weed vaporizers are typically owned by experienced smokers that want the very best that marijuana has to offer, without the unhealthy impact on their lungs, mouth and throat. In essence, a marijuana vaporizer is a much healthier way to smoke weed. They even conserve your weed and are more efficient, as you can get several more hits out of a vaporizer than you could smoking it traditionally.

So what exactly is a weed vaporizer?

Marijuana vaporizers are electronic devices that heat your weed to temperatures of approximately 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit, rather than burning it. This high height starts a conduction current that passes through the marijuana and causes the THC, CBD and other compounds to be released and inhaled into your lungs, where it can then be processed in the blood stream. There’s no burning or combustion process like there is with pipes and bongs. Instead, the heat is all that’s needed to activate the release of marijuana’s essential ingredients. What you inhale into your lungs is a vapor, rather than smoke. It’s much healthier and similar to the steam that you inhale when taking a shower.

Vaporizers typically plug into AC power outlets or run off a battery. A good vaporizer will allow the user to control the temperature, with an ideal range for dry marijuana herbs between 350 and 400 degrees.

How is it healthier?

When you smoke marijuana, you’re inhaling harmful toxins into your lungs. This includes marijuana tar, as well as carbon monoxide, napthalene and toluene from the combustion process associated with butane torches and lighters. Vaporizers do not use a combustion process or burn the weed, making it significantly better for you. Heavy smokers should seriously consider investing in a vaporizer to protect their lungs and reduce the impact on their body.

The many varieties of vaporizers

There are many different types of vaporizers and most are designed to cater to a specific lifestyle. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some models use a heating element and a “whip” delivery, which is essentially a tube that you inhale through, and others are forced-air systems that use a fan or battery to send hot air through the weed. Forced air vaporizers with a rechargeable battery are often portable, such as a pen-style vaporizer. If you enjoy getting high at home, during events and while socializing, or throughout your entire day, there’s a vape that’s made specifically for your needs.

Whip Vaporizers

Whip VaporizerA whip vaporizer usually plugs into an AC outlet and uses a convection current and nichrome heating element located within a small shell. The marijuana is placed inside a “wand,” that is then gradually lowered onto the heating element. Whip vaporizers are popular because they are easy to use and replicate a style of inhaling that’s similar to traditional smoking. The “whip” is a tube, just like what you would find on a hookah. With a whip vaporizer, you can regulate how big of a hit you take based off how hard you inhale. The bigger breath you take, the more air will be cycled through the weed, resulting in more vapor. A whip vaporizer is great for a beginner because the vape heats up quickly and there’s little waiting time. It’s also easy to see how much weed you’ve used while taking hits.

Forced-air Vaporizers

Marijuana VaporizerForced-air vapes are the most popular and are designed for at-home usage. They are large, tower like vaporizers that use an internal fan to send air through the heating element and marijuana, then into a balloon bag or whip. Forced-air vaporizers are preferable because it dispenses the vapor for you, which then only has to be inhaled. Whip vaporizers often receive complaints that it’s too difficult to inhale and drive the air through the machine.

Pen Vaporizers

A pen style vaporizer is intended to be portable and used while on the go and they work best with cannabis concentrates such as waxes or oils. The best part about a pen style vaporizer is that it’s stealthy and can be placed in a pocket or bag. It’s easy to transport and they are often made to resemble everyday items like pens or electronic cigarettes. A pen vaporizer uses a conduction current as the heating element consists of coils, heating the oil or wax directly. To operate a pen vape, simply screw the heating chamber into the battery and locate the activation button, which is usually on the side of the device. Most pen style vaporizers do not work for dry herbs. While the manufacturer will generally claim that they do, they almost always burn the bud and reduce it to ash, making it about as useful as a small pipe. If you’re buying a pen vape for weed, find one that’s dedicated to oil or wax.

Oil Vaporizers

The vast majority of oil vaporizers are pen vapes and designed to be portable. These vaporizers are used with a liquid cannabis concentrate like butane hash oil, commonly called BHO. Some vaporizers that are intended for dry herbs will have chamber upgrades available that are compatible with concentrates. Additionally, some oil vaporizers can also be wax vaporizers and this is especially true among pen vapes. The manufacturers usually target both types of concentrates. However, it’s not a good idea to mix the two and interchangeably use wax and oil, as you’ll want a separate chamber for each.

Wax Vaporizers

A wax vaporizer is intended for solid concentrates, such as shatter or budder. These vaporizers are less common than oil vapes and run off a rechargeable battery that is heated using a cartomizer. As the concentrate is heated the THC, CBD and other compounds in the marijuana are released in a pleasant tasting vapor that can be directly inhaled.

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