5 Reasons Seattle Cannabis is the Top Seattle Marijuana Company

Purchasing the best product requires an awareness of what is out there. With marijuana legalization in Washington, entire industries of marijuana producers and providers have sprung up over night. The lack of customer reviews makes it challenging for people to figure out which marijuana companies are better then others.

With that in mind, lets take a quick look at Seattle Cannabis in Seattle Washington. We will look at 5 reasons why they are among the top Seattle Marijuana companies.

Best Supply In The Region

When it comes to variety and selection, it Is hard to beat Seattle Cannabis. With Washington grown top quality cannabis products for sale, it is hard to go wrong. From Blue Afgani to White Widow, our incredible selection is available in a variety of sizes depending on type and quantity. Along with providing this great selection, Top Seattle Marijuana Company also provides the THC, CBD, Sativa, and Indica levels.

Convenient Location

Located on South Horton Street and 1st Avenue South, Seattle Marijuana Company is centrally located in the city of Seattle. A quick exit off of exit 5, getting to us and then on your way has never been easier.

Helpful Staff

With such an incredible selection, we can understand how overwhelming it may at first seem. Our helpful staff is more then willing to answer any questions you may have regarding either the products or information relating to marijuana. When you come in with answers, we do our best to answer.

Online Website

If are looking for a particular kind of weed, then look no further then our very own website. We keep an up to date list of our products as well as the information you will want to know regarding them. In addition, our website is the perfect place to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Blog

Here at Seattle Marijuana Company, we believe ignorance to be an incredible hurtle when it comes to proper and safe marijuana use. For these reasons and more, Seattle Marijuana Company keeps an active blog where we talk about all things Marijuana related. From Marijuana, taxation, and the state government to the best recipes and tips/tricks regarding its use, we want to make you the most informed consumer possible.

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