7 Seattle Cannabis Products Designed for Marijuana Enthusiasts

If you are in Seattle and deeply into the cannabis scene, then you may be aware of some awesome products specifically designed for marijuana enthusiasts. Lets take a moment to review 7 of them now.

Luxury Rolling Paper

For those true marijuana enthusiasts, consider getting shine gold rolling paper. This paper is 24K gold. You heard me, you can make blunts out of 24K gold rolling paper. Having done extensive testing to ensure that you will not get heavy metal poisoning when you breath in, the company Shine Papers swears by the safety, and expensive cost of their product.

Feel Tips

If you are looking to improve your marijuana experience, then consider getting Phuncky Feel Tips. Placed at the end of your blunts, these tips improve the feel and quality of the inhale. In addition, these glass Feel Tips can go as low as $25 for a pack of 3.

High Quality Bubbler

For true marijuana enthusiasts, a basic bong will not cut it. In fact, there is an entire industry that produces nothing but high quality bubblers for pot aficionados and beginners alike.

D-Nail 2.0

If the experience of marijuana is all about the high for you, then consider getting the D-Nail 2.0. The D-Nail 2.0 is a piece of technology that allows for an improved smoking experience. You simply insert the pot and decide on the temperature. The machine does the rest, providing an excellent smoke experience through the extended tube.

Top Quality Ash Tray

Are you interested in making every part of your marijuana experience as luxurious as possible? If this is the case, then consider getting a top quality as tray. The company Hermes for example has been making top quality ashtrays for the past 150 years. Why not get one and impress your friends?

An App For That

With so many cannabis companies now active, it can be a challenge tracking where they are and what they sell. To solve this, consider getting one of the many apps made for Seattle residents.

Strain Review

Consider getting a strain review. Written and distributed throughout Seattle, there are a number of reviews and pamphlets being created that talk about the various strains out there. With this helpful guide, you will be more knowledgeable about what is out there and what the different highs are like.

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