The Legalities Behind Seattle’s Recreational Marijuana Industry

Even though recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Seattle, all the legalities behind Seattle’s marijuana industry have not fully been worked out quite yet. Seattle recreational marijuana use is now legal, but there are some restrictions that cannabis businesses in the region have to face. It might be legalized, but all the legalities have not been resolved in full. Like Colorado and Washington, the Seattle recreational marijuana industry still has a long way to go.

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Legalization Was a Big Win

Making recreational marijuana legalized in Seattle was a huge win and just the first step for the weed industry as a whole. There is still a lot of government interference and regulation that does play a part in how Seattle marijuana stores can sell cannabis for recreational use. Making it legal was the first step, but making it more available is the next leap.

Few Actual Weed Stores

Seattle recreational marijuana use is legal, but there are only a few store locations where you can actually purchase weed legally. It is always a bit of a risk to be the first to do anything and this is no different for retailers of marijuana for recreational use. Opening a retail store of any kind is always risky, but this industry is even more so considering that not all legalities have been completely worked out quite yet. The first marijuana stores in Seattle are essentially the guinea pigs in the market.

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High Taxes

One thing that is known about marijuana for recreational use is that it will come with steep taxes. High taxes are what consumers are going to have to pay on recreational cannabis and what some retailers are going to have to shell out at the production and processing level. High taxes are just the penalty that has to be paid for marijuana used recreationally to be sold in retail stores.

Worth the Risk

Seattle Cannabis Company is like many of the other marijuana retailers in the region. There is a lot of risk in this industry and all retailors are required to meet rigorous restrictions and licensing. Seattle Cannabis Company has been able to succeed even as all legal issues are still not completely known. There could be new guidelines put into place at any time, but all retailers can do is meet current standards in the industry.

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