A plethora of Recreational Marijuana products under one roof

With Marijuana becoming legal across the US, the industry is expanding at a rapid pace and we are keeping up with the trends here at Seattle Cannabis Company’s Marijuana Dispensary in Seattle WA. We have a plethora of recreational Marijuana / Cannabis products available for you to choose from. A number of ways and products are now there are many ways smoke, vape THC and CBD. Here we are giving you a few categories under which you can shop at our store, the various products as per what suits you the best.

Recreational Cannabis oils

One of the best features of this oil is that it has high THC content.  It is available at our store in from of various products like Acapulco Gold Flower, Purple Pineapple Express cartridges and THC & CBD edible gummies.

  • Cannabis cookies and chocolates

There are numerous cannabis treats available in form of chocolates and cookies at our recreational Marijuana store in Seattle. Some of the best products that we tend to offer under this category include 100mg THC milk chocolate, 100 mg CBD &THC dark chocolate hazelnut and many more to lure your taste buds while providing its recreational benefits.

  • Cannabis capsules

For those of you who don’t wish to have a very sweet treat and are looking for something to get the job done, then these capsules are the right option for you to choose from. Here at our Seattle cannabis store you will have an option from various products like a pack of 100mg sativa, hybrid or indica capsules and many more.

  • Cannabis for the pets

Why should animals be left behind? We often have recreational marijuana products that you may be able to share with the fury pets too. Prepared under professional guidance these products for the pets are made available with CBD that is said to provide calming effects. Some of the available products we incorporate under this category include tinctures by Fairwinds among others.

  • Topical skin products with Cannabis

We also have a large selection of recreational Cannabis products that are absorbed transdermal through the skin.  At our store in Seattle you various topical products such products CBD+ Cool stick by Wildflower. Apart from thesecategories of marijuana products you can also take your choice from numerous other products such as cannabis mints, cannabis beverages and cannabis brownies. Come by and say High! We would love to see you!

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