Individual care and exceptional experience is our goal at Seattle Cannabis Co – Marijuana Store

Are you thriving out to find a better dispensary for cannabis products in Seattle? Well your search ends here at Seattle Cannabis Company’s Marijuana Dispensary in Seattle, the prominent destination for the best deals, vendors and selection of recreational cannabis products. Just as a tour guide gives information, we have our well-trained budtenders who will assist you in selection and knowledge of a wide range of cannabis strains and products.

Now there must be a plethora of questions as to why just to choose our dispensary in Seattle. To this, we would like to say that we operate on values that we stick to for providing our customers nothing but just the best marijuana products including a large flower, pre-roll, edible, vape, and concentrate and CBD selection. These are what make us stand out in this arena with unmatched quality of products and services for your overall experience with Washington state recreational marijuana.

The quality and value of our products is something here at Seattle Cannabis Company we take pride in along with our wide range of cannabis products that are tested before they arrive by approved labs by the vendors we purchase from.

With advancement of technologies, our dispensary has various ways to reach out to you with best to provide updated information, though our reward program text blast, via Leafly or here on our website. You can check our website for regular updates and products relating to the state approved marijuana products we have in stock.

Another value that we abide by is the compassion. At the Seattle Cannabis Co. dispensary, everyone over the age of 21 is welcome; we are considered a Seattle Safe Place and welcome all visitors for every race, color or gender.

In order to purchase from Seattle Cannabis Co, all you need is a valid ID card, driver’s license or passport. Here at Seattle Cannabis Co. dispensary in Seattle, we are a state-licensed legal marijuana dispensary, so you can rely on that the products are sourced from known Vendors and the tax dollars collected go toward state-run programs and along with contributing to the general tax fun of Washington State. So gear up folks and get yourself some of the best cannabis products at our dispensary, you can place your order online for instore pickup if you’d prefer on come on in to browse our large selection of legal marijuana products here on Rainier Ave in South Seattle.

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