Incredible Edibles: Where to Buy Edibles in Seattle

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If you’re seeking where to buy edibles in Seattle, look no further – Seattle Cannabis Co. has got you covered. Whether you’re seeking calming CBD tinctures, delectable THC chews, or sweet CBD-THC-hybrid goodies, you’ve come to the right corner of the web to find all that you need to know.

Below, we will outline how to choose the best edibles in Seattle, all available locally at Seattle Cannabis Co. near SeaTac airport. We’ll briefly fill you in on edible safety, various edible types, and how to choose the one that will fit your needs best. Enjoy!

Where to Buy Edibles in Seattle

There are many, many dispensaries throughout Seattle to choose from when shopping for the best edibles. So many in fact that making the choice of where to go can be just as complicated as selecting a product! Luckily, Seattle Cannabis Co. is ideal in more ways than one to find a fabulous selection of flower, prerolls, concentrates, and of course – incredible edibles.

Why Seattle Cannabis Co.? Especially ideal for travelers in Seattle, Seattle Cannabis Co. is perfect for a quick stop-in or a go-to for longer visits. Within a close proximity to I-5, and just minutes away from SeaTac airport, Seattle Cannabis Co. harbors an easy-access location for locals and visitors alike. 

There’s an extensive edibles menu to browse through at Seattle Cannabis Co., and their award-winning products and staff are well-suited with everything you need to find only the best edibles in Seattle. 

An Introduction to Edibles: What to know

First and foremost, is edible safety (yes – it’s a thing). Cannabis edibles may be delicious, discreet, and super easy to consume, but depending on the person consuming them they can pack a very strong effect. For some, the strength of an edible high can be overwhelming. 

Rather than consuming your entire bag of edibles in one sitting and forgetting which planet you hail from, take things slow to better measure their effects. At first, try only one serving as recommended and see how you feel within 30-45 minutes. For larger-sized edibles, consider biting off only a portion if you’re not sure about your personal tolerance. 

If you feel the effects are too mild after the 30-45-minute wait time, try another portion (only 1!). Increase doses slowly until you reach your desired level of effects. In the world of edibles, effects start slow due to the process of digestion, but can be much stronger (and last quite a bit longer) than other methods of cannabis intake such as smoking or vaping.

Choosing Your Edible

There are various forms of edibles to choose from, which can include: 

  • Baked goods just like grandma used to make,
  • Sublingual oils (placed under the tongue and held there for 30 seconds before swallowing),
  • Chewable gummies, 
  • Hard candies,
  • Capsules, 
  • Mints, and 
  • Cannabis-friendly drinks.

Whichever edible type you choose, it is important to note the strength of the product (in milligrams). It’s also important to note the type of cannabis concentrate it contains – THC or CBD – or both. The higher the milligram of THC or CBD, the higher the strength of the edible.

Mainly, there are edibles available to fit the type of “experience” you wish to have:

  1. When seeking a more elevated high, opt for THC-only edibles and gauge effects and portions wisely.
  2. If seeking more cannabis-related health benefits such as better sleep or help with pain management, but wish to avoid the intoxicating effects, consider CBD-only sublingual oils and edibles.
  3. For a more balanced effect and what many consider to be a more “manageable” high, consider edibles that contain a hybrid of both THC and CBD (in which the concentration is measured as a ratio).

Not sure what the best option is for your needs? Talk to the staff at Seattle Cannabis Co. – they know just how to help.

Top 10 Best Edibles in Seattle

Now that you know how to choose the right edible for you, let’s dive in to the menu! Here’s Seattle Cannabis Co.’s top 10 list of edibles, all regularly available just past the storefront.

CBD/THC A.M. Relief Tincture – Green Revolution

As a sublingual oil, this THC-CBD hybrid tincture acts fast and carries a high concentration at 1000mg of CBD and 50mg of THC (a 20:1 ratio). It’s crafted for medical use but is also available for recreational use. Its greatest benefit is that it is designed for daytime use, allowing you to be fully operational during the day without any hindrances. Seeking help with sleeplessness? There’s a PM version available as well.

Mr. Moxey’s CBD/THC Mints

If you’re after a mild concentration of CBD and THC, these “Zen Peppermints” are excellent for gauging tolerance. With 500mg of CBD and just 20mg of THC, these mints provide a very discreet and very mellow effect according to reviewers. There are 20 mints in each pack, and each mint contains gooseberry and echinacea for added health benefits.

FECO 2:1 Capsules by Fairwinds

If healthful benefits are the priority of your search, F.E.C.O. (full extract cannabis oil) 2:1 ratio capsules may be the low-key option you seek. Containing a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, and extracted using only the cleanest methods, these 10-capsule packs can provide a strong (and relaxing) experience. Each capsule weighs in at a larger 275mg each, containing 125mg of CBD, and 20mg of THC.

Mint Bon Bombs by Verdelux

For a strong dose of THC in a tasty confection, Verdelux’s Mint Bon Bombs are a superb choice. Made of delicious mint chocolate and containing THC only, each of the ten candies included per pack contain 10mg of THC. This totals 100mg of THC in each package. One reviewer of this sweet option described the effects as an “uplifting yet mellow high that seems perfect for closing out the weekend with some Netflix”. Who could ask for more?

250mg Orange Cream Soda by Olala

For a very elevated experience, try the award-winning Orange Cream Soda by Olala. Careful though – it packs a punch! Containing up to 250mg of THC per bottle, this isn’t a drink to chug down fast in a single sitting. If you’d still like to experience this cannabis-infused soda but on a milder scale, this product comes in variations of 10mg, 50mg, and 100mg of THC per bottle. It’s also available in various other flavors.

Pomegranate (Sativa) Tonic by Mirth Provisions

More on the artisan-style side of things, Mirth Provision’s cannabis-infused pomegranate tonic contains 100mg of THC. Sweetened with agave and containing other natural ingredients, it’s easy to get carried away and drink an entire bottle before you know it. Various flavors of the tonic are available. Mirth Provisions may stand by their slogan of “Enjoy it, it’s legal”, but they do advise on drinking their strong line of cannabis-infused tonics responsibly.

Fudge Brownies by Magic Kitchen

A classic cannabis edible type, THC brownies make for a real-deal comfort food experience. These brownie bites by Magic Kitchen come in packs of ten, each bite containing 10mg of THC (100mg total per package). Priding themselves on a quality experience and a tasteful product, Magic Kitchen also ensures safe manufacturing practices. As a brownie bite, this incredible edible is very easy to consume in smaller portions to gauge tolerance. Even better, Magic Kitchen offers THC-friendly chocolate chip cookies as well. 

Blue Raspberry Hard Candies by Evergreen Herbal

where to buy edibles in seattle

If sweet candies with a kick are what you’re after, these “Sinners and Saints” THC-infused candies are ideal. Available in a variety of flavors, each pack of ten contains 100mg of THC total, each piece infused with 10mg. With these, a long-lasting experience coupled with a slow release makes it easy to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. 

40g Fruit Basket Sampler Pack by Verdelux

If you’re unsure of which option to choose in your search for Seattle’s most incredible edibles, the Verdelux 40g fruit chew sampler pack is for you. Handmade in Victorian confection style, this package is a great choice for newcomers who may not need a larger package of edibles to enjoy. The sample pack contains 4 pieces of different flavored candies, all infused with 10mg of THC each (40mg total per pack).

CBD Pineapple Squares by Craft Elixirs

In the form of tasty tropical fruit chews, these CBD pineapple bites won’t send you to the skies and back much like their THC-only counterparts. As the CBD cannabinoid carries a calming yet non-intoxicating effect, serving and portion sizes can be consumed as needed. If you’d rather opt for a THC-only option though, the same chews are available with 100mg of THC (10mg each) per package.

No matter which incredible edible you choose, and no matter how broad the choices, our staff at Seattle Cannabis Co. can assist with any questions you may have. What’s more, we’re sure to assist you in finding the perfect edible to fit your needs in no time. Whether you’re a newcomer or a local, we’re always here to help you seek out the ideal experience. Stop in and see us!


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