B.A.D. Party WA


Our staff at Seattle Cannabis Company was invited to attend the First Annual Washington B.A.D. Party, hosted by DOPE Magazine. On the evening of September 25th, B.A.D, or Budtender Appreciation Day, brought together different companies and vendors from all over Washington State. Budtenders were lovingly spoiled with goodies, good eats, and ganja, and the appreciation was felt by everyone in attendance.

The Metropolist in Seattle hosted the indoor portion of the event, leaving plenty of space for an interactive scavenger hunt. Over 300 guests participated in this scavenger hunt, which allowed budtenders to meet and greet with some of their favorite producers who showed up and spread love. Upon completion, participants received goody bags from DOPE and event sponsors. Most budtenders will agree that a great perk about working in this industry is how nearly everyone you meet has swag to give out. After all, who doesn’t want brand new t-shirts to wear to work?

A live performance by island reggae band Two Story Zori set the mood for a fat smoke sesh in the private outdoor BBQ area. Budtenders were permitted to bring their own stash of the green, and as far as hardware goes, Piece of Mind provided just that, in the form of glassware for those who didn’t have their own. It was a really special opportunity to smoke out of some of the finest glass in Washington State in a casual setting. There were picnic tables set up in the center of the courtyard for our buds to dine on some tasty BBQ and get to know each other outside of the shop.

The Seattle Cannabis Co. team saw old friends and made new ones. Probably the most memorable ‘come together’ moment was when the group at the picnic table across from ours didn’t have a torch to take any dabs with. One of our budtenders, Taylor, came to the rescue and had the whole crew in applause. The courteous stoners might have used up all of her butane, but they returned the torch with cash to compensate. So thoughtful.

We know that our budtenders are incredibly important to the in-store experience. DOPE did an excellent job making sure our buds felt appreciated. The smiles all around told us that the other stores enjoyed their evening as well. There is definitely something to be said about bringing the retail shops together for a night of networking and building friendships. We can’t wait for Budtender Appreciation Day 2017—thank you, DOPE Magazine!

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