Seattle Cannabis Company Field Trip: VIMEA on Vashon

A few weeks ago,

Seattle Cannabis Company had the pleasure of sponsoring their first VIMEA meeting on Vashon Island. VIMEA stands for Vashon Island Marijuana Enthusiasts Association, formerly known as Entrepreneurs before the laws changed, and regulations prohibited cannabis from being commercially produced by those without the proper license.

While the laws may have changed, the meetings have remained the same, and are as educational as ever. If you’ve ever taken a ferry ride over to the island to attend one of these meetings, you will remember that they are well known for their very intelligent guest speakers, and also the fabulous door prizes. The host and founder of VIMEA, Shango Los, has successfully brought together companies and consumers in the cannabis industry since VIMEA’s creation in 2013. This time, Shango invited a well-known and loved industry leader, Farmer Tom, to speak about ‘Harvesting and Curing Your Summertime Homegrown Cannabis.’

Farmer Tom’s laid-back, California speaking style set up the audience for a very chill, informative evening. He spoke about his farm and greenhouses in Vancouver Washington, where he organically grows not only vegetables, but also medicinal cannabis. His wife Paula helps tend to his garden when he is away at events and trade shows. Farmer is well-known in the cannabis industry for his activism and efforts to ensure safe access to patients.

Farmer Tom Lauerman, photo by Danielle Halle.

This evening, he shared his knowledge on the procedures necessary to properly harvest and cure cannabis, to ensure that patients are consuming their medicine when it is most beneficial. One of the tips he provided was to use a jeweler’s loupe to view the tiny, microscopic trichome heads when you believe your plant is close to being ready. The glands will appear milky and bulbous, some containing an amber color. When you see those amber trichomes, it is time to cut and hang dry the plant in a cool, dark room. You’ll know the buds are ready to cure when the stems firmly snap if you try to bend them. Farmer Tom’s preferred storage container for curing is a common brown paper bag, which allows enough air to circulate around the buds and helps prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold.

Fun Fact

Farmer Tom was a judge at the first ever U.S. state fair to include marijuana.

I’ve been attending VIMEA meetings since 2015, and another thing that hasn’t changed about these meetings was the fully packed meeting room. Medical marijuana cardholders can get permission from their doctors to grow up to 15 plants in Washington State, so it is highly likely that the crowd consisted of mainly cardholding guests, but there were definitely a few curious recreational consumers there for the info and the chance to meet the Farmer himself.

At the end of the meeting, Shango ensures that all guests received their raffle ticket, and begins to call the numbers of lucky door prize recipients. Seattle Cannabis Company goodie bags were happily chosen first among the other wonderful prizes, so if you find yourself at the next VIMEA meeting, look for the bright green bag!

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