Cooking with Marijuana – How to Make Weed Edibles

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One of the greatest aspects of weed is that it can cooked with and consumed orally. Cooking with marijuana can be an enjoyable activity and it’s a great way to get high without potentially damaging your lungs. When you smoke weed on a regular basis, it has a tendency to cause a sore throat and some mild lung irritation. Marijuana edibles provide a similar high but with fewer side effects. The majority of marijuana edibles are made by first making weed butter, then using the butter for cookies, brownies and other treats.

  • How to Make Marijuana Butter
  • How to Make Marijuana Cookies

Difference between edibles and smoking?

Fewer negative side effects – The most notable difference between consuming edibles and smoking marijuana is that there are fewer negative side effects with edibles. When you bake or cook with weed, you only have to eat it to get high. You don’t have to worry about damaging your lungs or the impact that smoking could have on your body.

Less smell and better taste – Edibles do not have much of a marijuana smell at all, but smoking can make you smell and it can stick to your clothes and your breath for the entire day. There are lots of people who hate the smell of smoke and edibles are a great alternative. Additionally, weed edibles can taste really good and you can savor the marijuana flavor, which is more difficult to do when you are smoking. While marijuana smoke can have a strong taste to it, but it’s often masked by the pipe and lighter that you are using.

Edibles can be made with stronger potency – An edible can be very potent or it can be mild and made with less THC. This is true with marijuana strains and smoking marijuana as well, but there isn’t as significant of variety. You can find extremely potent edibles, but you will rarely find extremely potent marijuana buds. As the cook, you have control over the amount of THC that you put into your foods and that means you can bake foods with varying potency.

Smoking before eating an edible

It can be a really cool feeling to realize that you’re starting to get high when you haven’t smoked weed at all that day. It’s advised that you don’t smoke before eating an edible, so that you can feel the full effects of the food without confusing it with what you smoked. It’s also easy to get higher than you originally intended if you smoke and eat weed edibles together.

What type of weed is best for cooking?

Sometimes using really high-grade weed doesn’t have much of an effect on the outcome of your edibles. It’s best to save your top dollar chronic for the pipe, bong, wrap or vaporizer. However, cooking with weed can be done with all types of marijuana and the more you use, the more THC will be in the edibles.

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