Weed Smoking Rules – How to Smoke Weed

Smoking Rules: Stay Comfortable

Although there has never been a confirmed overdose with weed, it’s important to stay comfortable and not push yourself or overdue it when you’re smoking. Smoke however much you’re comfortable with and don’t let others pressure you into smoking more than you wanted to. This can induce anxiety and make for an unpleasant high. Marijuana is much more potent today than it ever has been. A quality high can be achieved with small amounts of cannabis with today’s high THC strains. Remember that you’re always capable of smoking more, but you can’t ever smoke less than you already have. Getting too stoned and wanting to be sober is never fun and only time will help you feel better.

Learn to Say No

If you don’t feel like smoking, then don’t be afraid to pass on a hit. Smoking can be a great social activity, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to get pressured into smoking if you don’t feel like getting high.

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Smoke Shops

Before you go into a smoke shop, there are a few things you should know. To stay compliant with the law smoke shops have to leave marijuana out of the conversation and of course, out of their business. Head shops have a few non-spoken results that you should familiarize yourself with.

Don’t talk about weed – Smoke shops aren’t the place to discuss weed. Although a lot of the products in a smoke shop can be used for cannabis, they are marketed as tobacco products. Don’t talk about weed or bring weed into a smoke shop. This means that you should also refrain from saying the word “bong” or any other phrase that applies to cannabis.

Bring your ID – It doesn’t matter if you look well over 18, head shops are often required to check the ID’s of their customers. Always bring your ID with you.

Buy what you hold – Try not to window shop and ask to handle multiple pieces that you do not intend to purchase. Glass can break if it’s dropped and you should only be handling pieces that you’re interested in buying.

Haggling – Negotiation has always been apart of head shop culture. However, don’t overdue it and try to low ball the store by haggling. This doesn’t usually get you anywhere and it only infuriates the workers.

What’s Cottonmouth?

Most weed strains cause cottonmouth (dry mouth) and it can really affect your high if you don’t have a drink or some gum on hand. If you notice a friend suffering, share what you’ve got because cottonmouth really is the worst side effect of marijuana. If you’re offered something to drink, don’t chug down your buddy’s Gatorade, but take a few sips and hand it back.

Don’t be that lazy smoker

Weed can make you tired and unwilling to do things, but it usually only becomes an issue when you’re smoking everyday and it’s no longer uplifting for you. If you notice yourself being dragged down by weed, take a break for awhile and see how you feel. You can always come back to it and spark up again once you feel better about yourself.

How to act when you’re high

Don’t pretend like you’re higher than you actually are and just try to enjoy your high as best you can. Acting high isn’t going to impress anyone, so just be yourself and don’t flaunt the fact that you’re stoned.

Don’t be a moocher

Moochers are people who smoke a lot of weed but it’s very rarely their own supply. If you find yourself “mooching” off of others and never spending any of your own money on weed, you’re definitely a moocher. Your friends probably already know it and have discussed it when you’re not around and it can be really hard to change their perception once you’ve been labeled a moocher. Start buying your own supply and offering it up the next time you’re around those friends.

On the flip side, don’t let people mooch off you. It’s okay to be generous but it’s not okay for people to take advantage of that. If it’s your weed, you have a right to smoke it by yourself or find friends that are willing to front the bill with you.

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