How to Roll a Blunt – Blunt Rolling Directions

Wanna learn how to roll a blunt? You’ll be lookin like a pro with these easy blunt rolling directions!

What do you need to roll a blunt?

To roll a blunt properly, you’ll need a cigar (often a Swisher Sweet), the weed, a grinder (although not 100% necessary), a lighter and a knife (not 100% necessary either).

How do you roll a blunt?

Step 1

Start by getting the weed ready. If you have a grinder, use it to grind the weed into small pieces. If you don’t have a grinder, use your fingers to break apart the weed. You want the weed to be in small pieces so that it’s easy to roll.

Step 2

Cut the cigar with a knife in a straight line, going lengthwise. This will open up the cigar and allow you to empty the “guts” into the garbage. Do not force the guts out, but slide them out gently. Forcing it could tear the cigar. If you don’t have a knife, you can use your fingers to tear a straight line in the cigar. Start at the top and use your thumbs to begin the tear, then work your way down to the bottom of the cigar.

Step 3

Lick the blunt wrap to moisten it and seal any small tears that may have occurred in step 2.

Step 4

Spread the weed evenly throughout the blunt.

Step 5

Begin to shape the blunt by folding and rolling it upward, around the weed. As you tuck the wrap around the weed be sure to keep the blunt tight.

Step 6

Lick the edge of the blunt and begin to press down to secure it.

Step 7

Spin the blunt in your hands and hold the lighter below it. This will dry the wrap and remove your saliva from it. To light, hold the lighter to the tip of the blunt while spinning it. Once lit, place the other end into your mouth and inhale while holding the lighter to the tip. Inhale once or twice to ensure the blunt is properly lit. You’re good to go!

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Why should you roll a blunt?

Blunts can be a great way to smoke weed socially. It’s quick to roll and it allows you to smoke a fair amount of weed within a short period of time. A blunt can provide a very satisfying experience. When you’re used to pipes and bongs, it’s a good way to escape the norm. Blunts generally enhance the flavor of weed and most agree, it gets you high faster.

What type of weed is good for a blunt?

A blunt can make even the worst weed somewhat enjoyable to smoke. However, the better quality your weed is the more enjoyable the blunt will be. If you’re using a grinder, make sure you don’t grind the weed up too fine as you’ll end up sucking weed flakes into your mouth. If your weed is leafy, this can make it harder to roll and you’ll definitely want to use a grinder. If you’re breaking it up by hand, understand that this can take awhile and a blunt is usually about twice the size of a joint.

The cigar

The cigar that you use for the blunt makes all the difference. You can have great bud and a shitty cigar and it will ruin the experience. If you’re taking the smooth and easy on the lungs approach, don’t go the traditional route by buying a Swisher Sweet. Sure, they’re cheap and they get the job done, but Swishers are harsh and come with a strong tobacco flavor. White Owls can have a very strong flavor as well, but are generally not as harsh as a Swisher.

Phillies and Optimos are the best wraps to use for a blunt. Optimos are a leaf wrapper but often times, they dry out before they ever reach the store. It’s hard to find ones that are still usable and don’t crumble in your hands. Brands like Garcia y Vega and Dutchmasters are green and brown leaf cigars that are less likely to dry out. Optimos are very mild and easy to smoke.

Phillies will burn very slow and they don’t dry out like Optimos. They have a mild flavor that’s not quote as mild as an Optimo but milder than a White Owl. It’s a good balance and they aren’t very expensive if you buy them in bulk.

Cigar wraps need to be moist and fresh to roll a good blunt. If they’re dried out, it’s going to make rolling really difficult and it won’t burn very well either. When you’re buying the cigar, you can squish it lightly in your hands to test if it’s dried out or not.

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