Marijuana Inspired Christmas Holiday Stoner Gifts

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The holidays are quickly approaching and a marijuana inspired holiday gift can make for the perfect Christmas present for a marijuana enthusiast. If you know someone who enjoys a little cannabis from time to time, our holiday gift ideas are excellent choices. After you see the list you may even consider treating yourself to something cannabis inspired. With recreational marijuana now legal in Washington and several other states, cannabis gifts are in high demand!

Seattle Cannabis Co best marijuana dispensary cannabis concentrates edibles and vape in seattle washington figurines

1 – Cheech and Chong Gnomes

What’s more holiday spirited than a pair of Cheech and Chong gnomes, two of the biggest pot icons of all time? These Cheech and Chong garden gnomes are even cooler than they appear, as there’s a hidden storage compartment beneath them. Surprise someone you care about with these garden gnomes and they’ll have a cool way to store their cannabis without anyone knowing. They don’t have to go in the garden either, they make for great indoor decorative pieces as well. Or.. maybe perfect companions to your indoor cannabis garden.

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2 – Cannador Cannabis Storage Container

The container that you use for storing cannabis says a lot about your personality, the type of smoker that you are, and what smoking means to you. We find that those who truly value cannabis and the positive impact it has on their life will store their marijuana in a quality container. Why not make that container The Cannador? It’s a cherry walnut wood that provides perfect breath-ability and humidity for your cannabis. Don’t let your bud get dry and ruined by storing it incorrectly! The Cannador is the best in the business for storing marijuana.

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3 – Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer is the best of the best and its price reflects it. If you want to treat yourself or someone you love to an extra special Christmas gift, the Volcano vaporizer is the ideal choice. With various options including an analog or digital interface, solid or easy valve type, bonus packages and add-ons, the Volcano vaporizer has it all. The hefty price tag of $420 for the base model, which gets progressively more expensive with each add-on and selection, obviously isn’t a gift option for everyone. Be prepared to spend amount of money on this bad boy.

A vaporizer is a great gift idea for Christmas and there are numerous other models on the market. While the Volcano may be a popular choice, there are lots of other, more affordable options. Vaporizers allow you to vaporize marijuana, rather than smoke it. The vapor that you inhale is considerably healthier for your lungs and it will decrease damage to your lungs opposed to smoking.

4 – Rolling Papers

Everyone who smokes weed has smoked with rolling papers before. It’s a quick and convenient way to spark up your bud and it’s less harsh on your lungs than thick cigar wraps. Why not buy a year’s supply of quality rolling papers for that specialize someone that you’re Christmas shopping for? Rolling papers from are cheap and you get king sized papers that will last even a daily smoker for a year. When you buy in bulk, you get over a thousand rolling papers for close to $50. That’s a lot cheaper than forking out the high smoke shop prices that are close to $5 a pack for the king sized papers.

5 – New Bong

It’s not as healthy for your body as using a vaporizer, but a new bong can make for an excellent Christmas gift. Bongs are a highly satisfying way to smoke marijuana and they remove some of the carcinogens and tar that’s associated with weed smoke by filtering it through water before it enters your lungs. There are dozens of sites that sell bongs and high quality cannabis paraphernalia. Shopping online is a good way to save money on bongs and pipes that would otherwise be pretty expensive at your local smoke shop.

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6 – New Grinder

Grinders are a marijuana accessory that very few can go without. A grinder is very useful for de-seeding weed, breaking it up and preparing it for smoking. Grinders help prepare marijuana for use in pipes, bongs, vaporizers, rolling papers, blunts and other wraps. You’ll find that grinders get used most by marijuana users that smoke with wraps and rolling papers, as the weed needs to be ground into small pieces in order to be rolled properly.

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7 – Fancy Pipe Bag

Pipe bags have been around since the dawn of tobacco products, but they are popular pipe and marijuana holders for today’s cannabis users as well. A pipe bag keeps your pipe protected from the elements and you’ll always remember where it’s at. If you happen to drop it, the padded walls should help shield the pipe and prevent breakage. Pipe bag are excellent glass protectants and they sell them for bubblers too. Take care of your own marijuana gear or help someone else take care of theirs!

8 – Marijuana Posters

What better way to help someone celebrate their love for pot than to buy them a marijuana poster? Cannabis posters like Cheech and Chong, Keep Calm and Hit a Bong, Thank you for Pot Smoking, Yes We Cannabis Marijuana and other popular posters helps captivate the marijuana industry and show why cannabis users are passionate about the product. Marijuana posters are often less than $10 and are a very inexpensive gift option for the holiday season.

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9 – Marijuana Books

There are hundreds of hilarious marijuana books and even some informative ones too. Whether you are buying the book to get a laugh out of someone, teach them marijuana cooking recipes, or if you want to teach them how to roll the perfect blunt, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a marijuana book to help. Popular titles like the “High Times Pot Smoker’s Activity Book” or the “Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis” make for excellent Christmas gifts. There’s also titles like “Spliffigami: Roll the 35 Greatest Joints of All Time” that can teach marijuana users how to not only roll great blunts, but roll a variety of different styled blunts.

10 – High Quality Lighters

The lighters that you can find in smoke shops aren’t all that special. However, the lighters that are sold online are far from basic. You can find Wick Lights that use organic flavoring and hemp twine coated in beeswax for an organic, natural light for your cannabis. If you’re concerned about the dangers of lighter fluid, hemp lights are especially useful. There are all kinds of cool lighter designs online and there’s a variety of styles to choose from.

11 – Marijuana Clothing

Getting new clothing for the holidays is always a pleasant surprise. When you look good, you feel good. Why not surprise someone you care about with a holiday sweater or shirt that’s marijuana spirited? High quality marijuana clothing is a cool way to showcase what you love and look nice doing it. Representing a love for cannabis is something everyone who believes in its legalization should do. There are cannabis sweaters, beanies, t-shirts, socks, shoes, hats and so much more.

12 – Hemp Products

There’s no better way to support the legalization of marijuana and the cultivation of hemp than by buying hemp products. There are all sorts of items made from hemp including playing cards, clothing, yarn, and more. Hemp is expected to be the next gold rush for the U.S. once hemp cultivation becomes legal on the federal level or is safe in states like Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska. Currently, growing hemp can be a federally dangerous endeavor.

13 – Marijuana Spirited Items

Items like men’s and women’s wallets, car decals, phone cases and other casual accessories can make for excellent holiday gifts. If you can think of something practical to buy as a gift, you can get it with marijuana graphics to add a special touch to it.

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