Product Review – Fifty Fold – Presidential Kush


By Steve

  • Reviewer: Steve
  • Strain: Presidential Kush (Bubble Gum x OG Kush)
  • Grower: Fifty Fold
  • Date: 5/25/17
  • Type of product: Flower

Presidential Kush

Presidential Kush is a fairly popular strain amongst Indica lovers, myself included, so I was excited to try the Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold – a producer known for their high quality flowers.

I purchased the flowers in a 2 gram container. The container is inverted to give customers a clear view of the nugs through the top of the jar. On the lower half of the jar is Fifty Fold’s branding and the strain name presented in a Leafly-esque manner.

Upon opening the jar, you are hit with a sharp, invigorating aroma of citrus and pine with undertones of ammonia, bubblegum, and deep berry. I honestly think this could be used in place of smelling salts to wake someone up, it’s that intense of a smell.

The buds are covered in trichomes like it was sprinkled with snow. Some of the buds are green, some of them are purple. The nugs are relatively fluffy as far as Indicas go – it was a pretty good volume for 2 grams. No seeds were present.

The Process

For my tasting, I rolled a small .5 gram joint. It ground up very well, not too moist or dry. I found it very easy to work with, and it burned evenly. I also found the smoke to not be harsh at all – it was very gently on my lungs and didn’t produce billowing clouds of smoke.

The taste is earthy and peaty with some hints of chocolate, spice, and nutmeg. Not quite the flavor you expect from the smell, but it is very pleasant.

The effect is quick and potent. This is a true Indica. I instantly felt my eyes get heavy, I became very relaxed, and my muscles loosened. My breathing became deeper and slower, and I could feel my stress lifting. The unnecessary thoughts running through my mind throughout the day disappeared and I was able to refocus.

For me, this is exactly the kind of high I want at the end of the night. Very relaxing and potent. It makes you want to melt into something soft, and possibly eat lots of munchies (like I ended up doing). I would definitely buy this product again, Fifty Fold did the strain great justice. I’ve liked everything that they I’ve smoked from them so far, but for me this is my favorite.
Highly recommended.

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