Product Review – Phat Panda – Golden Pineapple


By Ricky

  • Reviewer: Ricky
  • Strain: Golden Pineapple
  • Processor: Phat Panda
  • Grower: Grow OP Farms
  • Harvest date: 5/26/17
  • Review date: 7/24/17
  • Type of Product: Flower – Hybrid

Golden Pineapple

Today I’m trying Phat Panda’s Golden Pineapple. It comes in the familiar Phat Panda packaging – Glass jar with a plastic lid and Phat Panda branding. This strain features a label covered with Golden Pineapples. The nugs themselves are very appealing – nicely sized light-green buds covered in golden hairs and trichomes. Breaking a bud open you are greeted with a bright pineapple aroma. It smells like sunshine and happiness.

The Process

I thought it’d be fitting to smoke the Golden Pineapple out of a golden pineapple… so I did. We engineered a dry bong (no filtration) out of a hollowed-out pineapple. We packed the well-cured buds into the bowl and gave it a try. There was a good amount of smoke produced, but it was smooth. The taste wasn’t as citrusy as I would’ve expected given the name of the strain and the smell, but it did have a nice, earthy, piney flavor that didn’t linger.

After smoking a few bowls with my friends, the effect was pretty immediate: general euphoria, increased appetite, and a calming effect (but not too relaxing). This is a nicely balanced sativa high good for day or evening use.If you need some extra creativity or just want to de-stress, this is an excellent choice. I’m definitely satisfied with the overall quality and size of the buds. The taste was pleasant but not what I was expecting. I would be happy to smoke this on a regular basis.

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