Product Review – Phat Panda – OG Chem


  • Reviewer: Steve
  • Strain: OG Chem
  • Processor: Phat Panda
  • Grower: Grow OP Farms
  • Harvest date: 5/6/17
  • Review date: 7/2/17
  • Type of Product: Flower – Hybrid

OG Chem

Phat Panda has a great reputation for their branding – and it’s easy to see why. These flowers are packed beautifully in a clear container with a purple lid which matches the rest of the label perfectly. “OG CHEM” is displayed over a chemical-in-water background. There are fun little eye-catchers everywhere, from a little panda face on the front, to ‘Frost Factory’ on the lid.

We’re here to talk about what’s on the inside though – that’s what really counts. Upon opening the container, you’re hit with a sweet, pungent aroma. Melon, pine, skunk, and diesel scents greet you. The buds are fairly sticky to the touch. Clear and milky white trichomes cover the buds. It appears fairly kiefy. The leaves are an army green color with dark orange and rusty colored hairs. The nugs are decently dense. No seeds are present.

The Process

For this review, I ground up .9g of the flower to a fine consistency, and packed it into a Cyclone Natural Hemp Cone (which if you haven’t tried, you really should. It burns slow like a blunt but has no tobacco. It tastes great, can hold about 1.2g, and is available at The Culture Shop next door to Seattle Cannabis Co.) The bud was very easy to work with. It ground up just fine, but was sticky enough to make the handling easy.

Lighting up the Cyclone, I was surprised by the smoothness. It didn’t create huge amounts of smoke, and wasn’t harsh. I got a pleasant fruity flavor of melon, some grape, and even vanilla. I didn’t taste a lot of the diesel flavor others report. It was easy to smoke the entire cone without lung irritation.

The effect comes on fast, starting at the temples. There is some body relaxation, but most of the effect was in the head. You can feel the potency of this strain in the back of your throat while you smoke it. By the time I finished smoking the cone, I felt like something had hit me in the face (in a good way). I was able to get some chores done, then I sat down to relax and watch a movie. This strain really affected my perceptions- sometimes I felt like my vision was zooming in or spinning slightly.

This would be a great strain to do some creative work with. It may be able to give you an unfamiliar perspective on something you’ve been working on. It is very stong, but it is not very indica-heavy, so this strain didn’t make me particularly tired or unenergetic. This OG Chem would be best in the afternoon or evening before winding-down. It seems a bit too strong to be a morning strain for most people. It’s a very solid strain from Phat Panda and shows why they’re one of the more popular brands at the moment. Recommended.

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