420 in Seattle – Make This Year’s 420 Event the Best Yet

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Spending 4/20 in Seattle this year is going to be one of the best decisions of your life. 2020 is expected to be the biggest 420 celebration Seattle has ever seen but this guide will help you navigate Seattle’s 420 events every year. This annual holiday brings people together to celebrate one of the greatest joys, marijuana. Seattle is undoubtedly one of the best places to spend your 4/20 with a deep embracement of marijuana in their culture. With the breathtakingly beautiful bayside and the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has been a tremendous driving force for the fashion of cannabis. Seattle has a very enthusiastic yet laid back approach for marijuana, so soak it all in and experience the greatness this city has to offer if you’re a fan of cannabis.

The 411 On Super Seattle

In November 2012 over 55% of voters were all about supporting cannabis in Seattle. The passage of Washington’s Initiative permits people over the age of twenty-one to buy the following in a single visit here:

  • Cannabis (one ounce)
  • Cannabis Oils (seventy-two ounces)
  • Concentrate (seven grams)
  • Edibles (sixteen ounces)

As soon as you make a marijuana purchase, the state rules have to be adhered to pretty strictly. You don’t want to land yourself in any trouble during your first trip to the city. Finding a reputable dispensary is all you need; they will let you know about how to use the goods legally. If you want a head start, here are some of the rules you should get familiar with before you purchase cannabis in the city of Seattle:

  • No driving while high (surely that’s a given, right?)
  • Don’t sell or pass on any cannabis to youngsters under 21
  • No crossing international waters on board with the green stuff
  • Keep it in the state at all times
  • Don’t take any products onto federal land
  • No consuming cannabis in public

Must See In Seattle

When you’re visiting Seattle as a tourist it is impossible not to pay a visit to the famous Space Needle. After all, it is the iconic Seattle landmark. Viewing the entire Seattle skyline via the elevator will be one of the best highlights of your 4/20 experience; make sure you put that on your bucket list.

On a similar note, you can’t visit Seattle without being completely crazy about coffee. Feel like a local and fit seamlessly into the hubbub of daily life by grabbing a morning latte and reading the newspaper in one of the many hotspots. Let’s face it; a decent cup of coffee is a must-have before setting out on your 4/20 experience.

Enticing Events in Seattle on 4/20

If you are in Seattle for 4/20, you better be here to party hard. 2019 is shaping up to be a spellbindingly spectacular year bursting with parties, events and shows for you to enjoy. The ever-evolving industry makes every year more special, so it’s time to get stuck into the true Seattle lifestyle on 4/20. You will be nuts to miss out on some of the following events:

The Dope Show – Comedy

  • Ticket prices come in at $20-$25

The Dope Show is presented by Tyler Smith who offers two performances from comedians. One is delivered sober, and then the next is delivered completely baked. The show promises guaranteed laughs for you and your fellow high buddies.

Cucci’s Spooky Weed

  • Tickets are just $10

Spend 4/20 in Seattle completely stoned with Cucci Binaca, a cheeky ringleader in the drag scene. She will invite drag performers to create numbers that are both flamed and freaky. Make sure you hit the local dispensary before you go. You will probably end up on stage lip syncing for your life to Mariah Carey.

Laser 420

  • Tickets are $14

If you’re looking for a downright trippy scene with psychedelic music, Laser Dome is the place to be on April 20 in Seattle.


  • Tickets are $20 each

Join together with fellow stones for a culture-driven film festival. There will be several series of short movies on offer to give you a giggle and even help you learn a little something. It is an open community that allows anyone to participate so take a look for yourself and enjoy the artful side of cannabis.

That 420 Show!

  • Ticket prices range from $25 to $45

The Sinful Sisters host this epic marijuana-themed bash; it is almost certain to be a crowd pleaser. Immerse yourself in an array of talent that will be guaranteed to keep a smile on your face. There is no better way to start 4/20 in Seattle with an early start and a good belly laugh.

Cheech and Chong – Emerald Queen Casino 4/20

  • Ticket prices depend on your choice of seats

Why not spend your 4/20 watching an iconic comedic pair? Cheech and Chong have been touring successfully since the ‘70s, so their history speaks volumes. They are strong advocates for the marijuana culture and are guaranteed to give you a memorable time at the Emerald Queen Casino.

Stay and Play in Seattle

If you’re travelling to Seattle from out of town, you need somewhere cannabis friendly to stay. Here are a couple of top selections from our list:

  • The Green Tortoise Hostel

This hostel is ideal if you’re travelling to Seattle solo or in a small group. With welcoming staff and in-house rules, you will feel safe during your stay. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, then this is the ideal solution. Spend more money on local events and high quality marijuana from a reputable dispensary shop rather than splashing out on accommodation. Sleeping during 4/20 is underrated anyway.

Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle

You can find a pretty good deal online if you are booking a room for a couple of people. There are also smoking rooms available so that you can get the most out of your experience. Your room will be well equipped with basic kitchen supplies, perfect for rustling up a late night snack. The hotel is also located near enough to the city centre so you can catch the local events without too much travelling.

Cannabis Friendly Hot Spots

There are a couple of hot spots in Seattle that you won’t want to miss during your 4/20 experience. It’s just a bonus that they are all cannabis friendly too!

Boxcar Ale House

For Friday night Jukebox fun and frolics, this is your place. Even if you’re travelling alone, you’re going to find someone who has similar interests to you. Whether you’re chatting over your music selection or sharing a joint, this is the ideal social hotspot for 4/20 visitors. The beers and burgers are also not to be missed if you have an appetite during the evening!

The Showbox

Bursting with the hottest bands, The Showbox will put you in the ultimate party mood. With an extensive selection of spirits, wines and beers you’re never going to go thirsty here. The Showbox is also known for its awesomely polite and fun members of staff, who are there to have a lot of fun with you. The Showbox is a must-do bar for your arrival to Seattle. It will put you in the groove for an unforgettable weekend.

Insights from a Seattle Local

When it comes to staying in Seattle for the first time, you need the advice from an expert. Here are some of the take-home messages you need to note before you start planning the ultimate 4/20 in Seattle. You are bound to fall in love with Seattle from the moment you arrive.

Find the Best Dispensary

The Seattle Cannabis Company has the best reputation for selling recreational cannabis. You can stop by seven days a week and take your pick from the top quality products that are on offer. Whether you’re looking for Animal Crackers by Burnwell or Black Cherry Soda by Dama, the store is open to everyone over the age of 21 every single day of the week!

A message from Alison Draisin, a registered psychotherapist with the Advanced Integrative Medical Science Institute:

  • ‘The availability of rich and diverse cannabis education is one of the most unique aspects of the Seattle cannabis scene.’
  • This statement is proof that Seattle is undoubtedly the best place to celebrate 4/20 this year.
  • Explore and Be Yourself
  • 4/20 in Seattle only comes round once a year, so you need to make the most of it right? Purchasing some highly recommended cannabis from a local dispensary, grabbing a coffee in a local shop and partying on down with fellow weed enthusiasts is what it’s all about. Use this opportunity to let loose and embrace all things marvellous and marijuana!

    Visit Seattle For 4/20

    As you can see, there is indeed no better place to spend 4/20 than in Seattle. Whether you’re catching a quick comedy show or attending an ultra techno disco, you are bound to create memories to last a lifetime. It’s all about embracing the cannabis culture and being free to express who you are. Rally your friends together and hit up Seattle for a show-stopping, crazy and memorable time!

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