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House of Cultivar has perfected large-scale indoor pot farming using a combination of careful strain selection, modern science and age-old wisdom. House of Cultivar is a tier three producer processor located right here in Seattle. They are the largest cannabis producers in Seattle with a 40,000 square foot facility. House of Cultivar is known for their high quality flower, pre rolls and concentrates. They have won numerous Dope cup awards including best indoor grow.

House of Cultivar

Introducing House of Cultivar

House of Cultivar is committed to growing great strains the right way—without pesticides, watered and trimmed by hand, and slowly cured to perfection. House of Cultivar’s commitment to excellence and genetic diversity differentiates it from many others, proving that craft-quality cannabis can be produced on a large scale. They also maintain a strong focus on sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint. When it comes to lighting, water and waste, the House of Cultivar team is always looking for ways to diminish its impact on the environment. The House of Cultivar team has even worked with the city of Seattle to reduce its electrical load by 46 percent off baseline.

A Love for Strains.

Another thing that sets House of Cultivar apart is their passion for growing and stocking a wide variety of strains. They have a library of over 350 unique live genetics and almost all of the seed House of Cultivar possesses is directly from the original breeder. The variety of strains is staggering and filled with gems such as OGs, Cookies, Diesels, Chems, Lemons, and Sherbets. In particular, House of Cultivar prides itself on its archive of Chem Dog family strains—Chem D, Chem 91, Guava, Snowdog and many more—and the Cultivar staff has searched for the phenotypes that test high in THC and have the most essential-oil production.

Meeting Modern Science with Age-Old Wisdom.

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While still using traditional cloning techniques, House of Cultivar also maintains a completely sterile tissue-culture laboratory in order to preserve, improve and micro-propagate its vast library of genetics. Think of tissue culture as cloning, but on a cellular level; the benefits of utilizing tissue-culture techniques include ridding plant stock of pests, diseases and pathogens. During the harvest process at the plants are flushed for 10 – 12 days and then the leaves are left on the plant during the drying process to protect the fragile trichome glands. Humidity is kept at 56-60 percent to slow the process. The flowers then undergo a dry trim. No machines are used. All of the colas are hand-trimmed with scissors by a crew before being placed into containers to cure. Drying takes place for two weeks and curing takes one to two weeks minimum.

House of Cultivar, a team of true connoisseurs themselves, is always bringing the best of cannabis products to Seattle Cannabis Co. and the i502 market as a whole. As committed cultivators, they’ve adapted to growing quality flower at a large scale, while constantly trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint. We as a team at Seattle Cannabis Co. take pride to have these guys on our shelves.

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  1. Rick says:

    Hey there! I just tried your Random Task in a pre-roll this weekend. It was the best ever and now I am a fan of your product. Can you tell me where I can find more of your Random Task strain?

  2. Manny says:

    I recently have gotten in to PAX Era Pods, and I love the Golden Gage Citrus & Sap pod! It is by far my favorite as it gives me a more robust high than the other Pods that I have tried up to now. I was wondering if you will be updating the PAX Mobile App database of available PAX Era Pods so that I can choose your brand and strain to help keep better track of my PAX Era sessions. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

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