Seattle’s Top Things to Do When You’re Stoned

Seattle has many attractions and when you’re looking for fun things to do, there should be plenty to choose from but not all of it will be appealing when you’re high. The next time you get stoned, you can turn to our list for help and hopefully have a good time. Getting high and planning something fun to do will make the experience better and make marijuana have a more positive impact on your life. Smoking weed can be a great way to experience new things, expand your friend group and enjoy life. Recreational marijuana stores are now found all over the city, and we hope you’ll consider Seattle Cannabis Company if you’re in the area.

1 – A Marijuana Tour Bus

Going on a marijuana tour bus makes perfect sense when you’re high and want something to do. A weed bus is a unique way to enjoy yourself and it’s something that’s exclusive to the Seattle area. Now that recreational marijuana is legal, tour buses provide a fun way to learn about Seattle and get high in the process, something you can’t experience in other areas of the country. Recreational cannabis prices are getting lower everyday so it’s an inexpensive way to have a good time.

2 – Go to a Seahawks game

Not everyone loves baseball, and the same goes for soccer, but something is wrong with you if you don’t like football. If you’ve never experienced a Seahawks game at Quest Field, you’re missing out on something that represents Seattle culture. Seahawks games get loud, real loud, and everyone’s got a beer or two. Be prepared to lose your voice and stand for the entire game. Playoff games are worth every penny. Going to a Seahawks game is a great idea stoned, and I imagine a lot of fans in attendance are high for the game. Not to mention the millions of fans supporting the Seahawks from home, and lighting up a few bowls in the process. If you can’t attend the Seahawks in person then settle up for the game at home but just don’t forget the ganja.

3 – Go to a Sounders game

The Sounders are an exceptional soccer team, their games are action packaged and always a good time and Seattle has some high caliber players. Sounders games often sell out, but the stadium is far from full. Sounders fans should step it up! Going to a Sounders game is a fun thing to do high and it beats watching it from the couch. If you want to experience Seattle and you’re doing it stoned, go watch soccer.

4 – Go to a Mariners game

Baseball games always feel closely connected with Seattle’s culture and Mariner’s fans still turnout. Despite the team’s struggle to have a successful franchise, things are looking up for baseball in Seattle and fans have their sights set on reaching the playoffs. If you’re planning to get high and find something to do, why not buy Mariner’s tickets off StubHub or any other cheap ticket site and go to a game?

5 – Tillicum Village

Want to eat some delicious smoked salmon, enjoy clams and broth, and watch a tribal greeting from the Tillicum Village employees in Northwest Coastal Native costume? It’s a buffet style meal that includes stories and dances from their native groups. Great for kids, and really enjoyable when you’re high. Getting stoned and watching a performance is a cool thing to do when you’re high but the island Tillicum Village is on is only reachable by tour bus. You may have to account for several hours in your day in order to experience this one, but it’s a great half day trip.

6 – Space Needle

The Space Needle isn’t the highest building in Seattle, actually it’s not even in the top 10 tallest buildings in Seattle, but it’s viewed as a landmark and it’s still pretty high up. The viewing center at the top really makes the experience better and you can enjoy coffee and food during your stay. It’s an expensive activity to do on a casual day, but it’s one that you’ll remember and be happy to have experienced. Getting high and going up the Space Needle is ill advised if you’re scared of heights, the last thing you want is to have a stoned panic attack so use cation!

7 – Pike Place Market

Whether you’ve got the munchies and you figure Pike Place will have cheap produce, fish, and other good buys, or if you want to shop the arts and crafts, Pike Place Market is in the heart of Seattle and always makes for a fun day out. You’ll find vendors of all types and some cool things that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Getting high and going to Pike Place is a fun thing to do with a girlfriend, friends or family.

8 – Woodland Park Zoo

Who doesn’t love animals when they are high? The Woodland Park Zoo is home to cheetahs and over 300 different animal species. 35 of which are endangered and 5 are considered threatened. The zoo contributes to saving endangered animals from extinction and is also home to 7,000 different trees, over 50,000 shrubs and smaller herbs and 1,000 or more plant species. Their efforts to be environment friendly have made them one of the top zoos in the nation.

9 – Go to Toulouse Petit for Food

Toulouse Petit is a great place to go for cheap but great tasting food and their lounge-style environment makes it even more enjoyable. Get breakfast, lunch and dinner or just go for cocktails. If you’re high and looking for something that won’t break the bank but will taste like a higher priced restaurant, Toulouse Petit has over 50 menu items that are priced below $7. Why pick up fast food or takeout when you can get out of the house and enjoy food at a sit-down restaurant for the same price. Your amplified taste buds will appreciate every bite and your wallet will thank you too.

10 – Seafood at The Walrus and the Carpenter

A unique restaurant known for oysters and quality seafood, The Walrus and the Carpenter is a small and simple place, but the food is just what you want when you’re high. Big portions of delicious food that makes you savor each bite. Their ratings are some of the best in Seattle and the food is considerably lower priced than competing seafood restaurants. It’s a laid back environment for when you’re stoned and don’t want to eat somewhere overly fancy.

11 – Ride The Ducks of Seattle

Ride The Ducks of Seattle is a tour bus that takes you on both land and sea, without having to change vehicles. You see, the bus function as a boat and land vehicle in one, providing a unique tour experience that’s exclusive to Seattle. Riding the Ducks and experiencing its wonders is truly mind blowing when you’ve just blazed up. Send your yourself on an adventure and tour the city in an exciting way.

12 – Hot Air Balloon or Helicopter Ride

Let’s go Ballooning in Seattle Washington has hot air balloon rides at an affordable cost. Get high and experience the suspense of a balloon ride as you slowly rise to the clouds.

Helicopters Northwest also provides in-expensive helicopter touring service that can take you all the way to Snoqualmie Falls and back. See Seattle from hundreds of feet in the air, but hit the bong before you go and it will be a lot more fun. Their helicopters are small but provide the full experience of a helicopter ride.

13 – Go to a Comedy Show

Comedy shows can be hilarious and stand up comedians are always funnier in person. Have a blast and enjoy a good toke before you go see new and professional comics at a local Seattle comedy show. They are often performed at bars as small events where you can drink and enjoy yourself as you watch. You’ll find comedians from Guy Code on MTV, Last Comic Standing and many other television shows.

14 – Go to a TED X Talk

The TED X conference location is at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall in Seattle. TED X conferences can be inspirational, motivating and exciting. They cover a broad range of subjects and when your mind is already in a creative state, it can really expand your thinking. Ted X talks help encourage people to try things that have worked for others, improve yourself, and make positive changes.

15 – Go to an event

Seattle is home to many events including concerns, fairs, markets and more. Look up Seattle events and find something that sounds interesting and just do it. Getting high can make you less receptive to getting out of the house, but you’ll thank yourself when you do. Seattle has very diverse culture and you can find a broad range of music in the area. Other events like the farmers market, Seahawks signings and Hemp Fest can be great things to do high as well.

16 – Recreational Activities

Playing a sport or doing something active can help you enjoy your high and have a good time getting exercise. Be sure to monitor your heart rate though and do this at your own risk. Basketball, football, bowling, go karts, paintball, or anything you can find. There’s a lot to do in Seattle and most of it is year-round. Think of things you haven’t done since you were a kid and set your mind on making it happen.

17 -Pacific Science Center Light Show

Much of the Pacific Science Center is geared toward younger generations, but the light show is something everyone can enjoy. Going to the Laser Dome high is a mind-expanding event where you can witness fusions of light directed by famous laser artists.

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