Signs That You’re Meant to Live in Seattle

There are some undeniable traits that just about everyone in Seattle seems to have. If you find yourself connecting with several things on this list, chances are, you’re meant to live in Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is a great area to live and there are a lot of reasons the Seattle culture is passionate about their city.

1 – You Love Marijuana

Washington was the second state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana. Whether you smoke it daily, weekly, monthly, rarely, or not at all, Seattle culture is all about the ganja. The pro-marijuana movement that’s sweeping the U.S. can thank Seattle for its overwhelming positive views on cannabis, paving the way for a receptive view on marijuana throughout the country. With Seattle being home to Hemp Fest and many other pro-marijuana events, it’s the perfect place to live if weed is a significant part of your life.

While there are many who live in Seattle and do not smoke weed, you’ll find that the vast majority of people view it as a harmless substance that rightfully deserved legalization.

2 – You Love Coffee

A love that could be even stronger than Seattle’s love for cannabis is their love for coffee. Seattle’s Best Coffee, Starbucks and many other franchise coffee businesses originated in Seattle. People in Seattle love coffee and it’s something that has impacted the area in a significant way. The cool climate, rainy days and clouds in the sky make for the perfect place to enjoy a hot coffee every morning. Entrepreneurs in Seattle are even finding innovative ways to integrate the marijuana industry with coffee, with some businesses having created THC and CBD infused oils that can be brewed with your morning coffee. If you’re looking for something caffeinated to get you going in the mornings, why not wake n’ bake while you’re at it? Coffee drinkers say it’s a great way to start the day off and the high is much more relaxed and enjoyable.

3 – You Don’t Mind the Rain

It rains in Seattle. It rains a lot. Fortunately, it’s a pretty light rain most of the time and you can usually withstand the coldness. Even cities like New York get more rainfall per year than Seattle, but the area is known for its constant and relentless overcast. The clouds just about never let up and that’s something you have to be comfortable with to live in Seattle. If you don’t mind the rain and you’re not looking for beautiful weather year round, then Seattle’s climate could be perfect for you. The summers are warm and the winters are cool. It rarely breaks 90 degrees in the summer or goes below 20 in the winter. The weather’s great for staying inside and loading a bowl of your favorite strain.

4 – You’re a Die Hard Seahawks Fan

Seattle has passionate sports fans but mainly their super bowl winning Seahawks. Since the day Coach Pete Carrol took over the team, you could see a change in Seattle fans. They recognized the passion in their coach, the talent in their players and their commitment to the game. You could say the 12th man was as passionate about football as the player’s themselves. If you’re a diehard Seahawks fan and you truly love football, Seattle is your home. Light up a bowl, spark a blunt, whatever way you prefer it, settling in at home for an action packed Seahawks game is the best way to spend your Sunday.

5 – You Love the Outdoors

Seattle’s right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and the region is home to some breathtaking views. If you love the outdoors and hiking, boating, fishing, camping and biking are some of your favorite things to do, then you’re meant to live in Seattle. With Issaquah, North Bend, Snoqualmie and various other outdoor centric cities located within driving distance, there’s always something to do. Seattle’s culture is highly receptive to outdoor activities, sports, games and everything you can think of. You’ll have no problem finding enjoyable things to partake in and you can use sites like if you need some help getting started. You could start playing adult flag football, softball, or basketball. There’s a variety of recreational leagues that you can join and get started with.

6 – You Love Technology

You may not realize it when you live in Seattle and don’t have a tech job, but Seattle truly is the tech hub of the country. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing and many other large corporations are located out of the Seattle area. Close by cities like Redmond and Kirkland are home to some of the nation’s biggest brands as well, so it’s a promising area for someone who loves technology. If you have an interest in computers, graphic design, programming, database management, or any other technological study, then Seattle is a prime location for employment. Most of the businesses in the area have a relaxed viewpoint on marijuana too, which makes for a much more comfortable work environment.

7 – You Have Liberal Views

Seattle is a very liberal area. The people are open minded, capable of change and willing to try new things. This became very evident when Washington State became the second state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana, something that has been heavily scrutinized throughout history. Marijuana has had no easy road to legalization. The challenges that have been overcome to make cannabis legal in Washington and other states are tremendous and it showcases the liberal beliefs of the people that reside there. People should be able to express themselves in different ways and recreational marijuana use is a perfect example of that.

8 – You Value your Health

Your health should always be an important part of your life. Taking care of your body will make you feel good and that’s something that Seattle residents cherish. Valuing your health will help you maintain your focus, determination and drive to be more successful in life and do what you’re passionate about. If you care about your health, there’s a lot of likeminded support in Seattle. Between the outdoor culture, the marijuana enthusiasts and the hobbyists in Seattle, there’s a niche for everyone.

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