Test Kitchen – Infused chocolate-covered strawberries


Infused Chocolate-Covered Stawberries

Need a last minute idea for Valentine’s day?

Just like chocolate-covered strawberries and getting high? We got you covered for both! For this treat, we’ll be using 10mg Dark Chocolate Hybrid Squares from Spot (available at Seattle Cannabis Co), and fresh strawberries (available at your local grocer).


The recipe is incredibly simple, but it may have never occurred to you to try it. As this was my first time making these, I started with five 10mg chocolates as a test batch.

Have your strawberries rinsed and dried, and put them on the side. Have a platter ready to receive the coated strawberries (if you’re worried about sticking, I’d recommend using parchment paper). Finally, use a small saucepan to melt the chocolate on the LOWEST HEAT SETTING. It doesn’t take much to melt the chocolate, and if you use to high of a setting it will burn.

Keep stirring the chocolate until it is melted, then remove from heat (you can always put it back on the stove if your chocolate gets too hard). Holding a strawberry by it’s stem, use a spoon to ladle chocolate over the berry. Completely cover the berry, and let any extra chocolate drip back into the saucepan. Then, simply transfer to your platter.

Congratulations, the hard part is over. Stick those puppies in the refrigerator, and once the chocolate is hardened (about 30 minutes) you’ll have some tasty treats to seduce your partner with. Or go ahead and seduce yourself – that’s fine too.

Using five of the 10mg chocolates, I covered 8 strawberries. That’s about 6mg of THC per chocolate, which shouldn’t be too strong of a dose for most adults. Please start slow, and give yourself ample time (2 hours) to determine whether you should eat any more for the desired effect. Eating cannabis takes much longer to kick in than inhaling it, but it can also effect people more strongly than inhaling. Enjoy!

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