Product Review – Sub X – White Strawberry


By Ryan B

  • Reviewer: Ryan B
  • Strain: White Strawberry
  • Grower: Sub X
  • Date: 4/16/17
  • Type of product: Flower


This White Strawberry comes in a glass jar with a plastic lid, featuring the Sub X branding. The buds are light lime colored, stacked with trichomes and dark red hairs. It is frosty and blanketed in white. I feel stoned just looking at it. After cracking theses buds open I was expecting an overpowering aroma similar to other strains I have tried from Sub X like Orange Cookies. Unlike the previous strains, however, the floral, slightly pine slightly sweet, earthy berry scent surprised me in its subtle-yet-inviting aroma. Not “full on” strawberry scent but muted sweet and hashy. The smell left me curious about the high. No seeds were present.


I woke up and packed my new Trixter Phatty Bong (available at The Culture Shop). The nugs – medium in density – had a smooth, sweet flavor. Earthy and hashy on the inhale, sweet and slightly fruity/berry on the exhale. It is ideal in its moisture content, and is very smooth and smoke-able.


I smoked two bowls – the effect was quick and potent, but not overpowering. I usually stick with heavy indicas, but this is a balanced hybrid. Waking up sore, I wanted something to help with the pain but still be able to function. This was the perfect choice. It has the muscle relaxation effects of an indica, calming but not sedating. The sativa side helped me stay on the go as the pain faded away and my mood was lifted. Soon after smoking I was ready for breakfast! Waffles, bacon, and mango juice took care of my munchies and I was out the door, ready for the day ahead.


This is a good choice for a wake and bake, but in moderation. I felt that if I smoked more the indica side would be dominant. Maybe smoke a few bowls in the morning, a quick one at lunch, and then a solid session with the friends at night. With 29.3% THC, flavorful nugs covered in crystals, and a powerful yet balanced high, I can see this becoming another “go-to” strains in my rotation. Pick some up today at Seattle Cannabis Co because this is a limited edition strain.

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